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I have a senior friend who lives in Alaska,  Anchorage in fact.  It seems to be a super place to live… she has been there since our high school days together in a small town in Iowa.  She could not imagine living anywhere else, except maybe Mesa, Arizona where she now spends her winters.  Me too, but I am in a different city in the valley where  we  have over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Anchorage is the entry point for many Alaska visitors, who fly in to board a cruise ship or climb into a rental car and never look back. But this city is well worth visiting. The Alaska Native Heritage Center offers insights into the area’s earliest inhabitants, and the Alaska Zoo is the place to see animals you might not spot in the wilderness. The Chugach State Park and Chugach National Forest are within an hour’s drive of Anchorage, so you can go hiking, fishing or whale-watching during the day and then kick back in a brew pub or top restaurant at night. The mayor welcomes you on this site.

So seniors I am told…if you visit only one place in Anchorage, make it the Alaska Native Heritage Center. In addition to exhibits, it’s an opportunity to forge a personal connection with native cultures through storytellers, dancers, handicraft workshops and six different dwellings each hosted members of individual Native groups. In addition, the Anchorage Museum offers a broad look at Alaskan culture and history, both heavily influenced by the grandeur of the state’s wilderness.

An “official city guide” is must prior to your visit. Anchorage is located in south-central Alaska, nestled between the Chugach Mountains to the east and the shoreline of the Cook Inlet to the west. The town was originally settled in 1915 at the mouth of Ship Creek to support railroad construction. Anchorage has grown steadily to become the business, cultural and distribution center of Alaska.  Nowadays nearly half of Alaska’s The municipality of Anchorage stretches nearly 50 miles from Eklutna to Portage Glacier, covering almost 2,000 square miles – roughly the size of Delaware. Anchorage boasts a great selection of attractions, restaurants and shopping, so be sure to plan a visit to Anchorage as part of your Alaska vacation.

Anchorage boasts a great selection of attractions, restaurants and shopping, so be sure to plan a visit to the city as part of your Alaska vacation. There is plenty to do in Anchorage. The town is also home to the largest float or sea plane base in the world, so bear viewing and fly-in fishing trips are good choices as well. If you have time, take a stroll on the coastal trail, designated as a National Recreation Trail for its dramatic views, or go on a day hike. Check out our Anchorage Tours page for more choices.

TripAdvisor will give you twenty things to See and Do while you are in the city.  Embraced by six mountain ranges and warmed by a maritime climate, Anchorage, Alaska, is alive year round with culture, adventure, recreation, wildlife and sightseeing opportunities – making it the ideal base camp for Alaska adventures. Let Lonely Planet take you there snow and all.

It is said…”Friends at the front door, Wilderness at the back!”  Anchorage welcomes you to a city where the wilderness is always at your back door. This is a city where the great outdoors is more then just a way of life, or where the wildlife roams free throughout the immense expanses of greenbelts in our grand city. Explore such icons as Mount McKinley, Lake Hood, the Chugach Mountains, and the Anchorage coastal trail. Be sure to see the many micro breweries, thriving arts scene, the great ski areas, and the world renowned agricultural region in the Matanuska Valley where the vegetables grow as big as salmon.  It’s no wonder Anchorage Alaska draws so many visitors back to the state again and again. Anchorage is the home to more than half of the population of Alaska. Anchorage is known as both the “City of Lights” (winter) and the “City of Flowers” (summer). The current populations is 278,700 as of the latest census figures. The city possesses all the cultural amenities and activities one would expect from any urban center, but this one just happens to be surrounded by an awesome wilderness of mountains and valleys, glaciers and fjords, active and inactive volcanoes. At first mention, Anchorage may stir up visions of igloos and Eskimos, but Alaska’s largest city is nothing like that at all. Much warmer than you may think, Anchorage in the summer sees an average temperature round 68 degree which is ideal for partaking in the area’s outstanding recreational activities.

It just seems to me that many folks are simply attracted to Alaska and to Anchorage in particular.  Why not check it out for yourself seniors?  jeb

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