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Senior Citizens Love Trains

Years back senior citizen friends traveled across all of Canada to the west coast via Canadian Railway. Awed by the experience, they said that they will never forget that trip.

It has been said that the most spectacular North American Rail Journeys are in Canada. It’s true, the excitement and scenery are spectacular when train traveling across Canada on VIA Rail or the Rocky Mountaineer.

Vacations By Rail offers a variety of Canadian train tour vacations. Canadian Independent Train Tours: Train travel across Canada and stay in pre-screened hotels in the most popular destinations in Canada.

From Toronto to Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Quebec City and Kamloops, an independent rail tour offers the best trips for the elderly, but gives senior citizen travelers the freedom and flexibility of traveling on their own. You will cross the immense boreal forest reflected in the lakes of northern Ontario, then move onward through the western Prairies and the breathtaking Rockies all in total comfort. If you have a tendency to get dizzy on fast-speed film, bypass this one as I take you on a journey from Vancouver BC all the way to Halifax NS in just ten minutes.

Canada Is Big

The sheer size of the country, which spans 9,984,670 km² (3,854,085 sq mi) and six time zones means that vast areas of Canada are either sparsely populated or completely uninhabited. While most Canadians choose to travel between major cities by plane, there still exists today a continuous series of connecting train services from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and a trans-continental journey on the passenger trains remains one of the greatest railway journeys in the world.

In Halifax, on Canada’s east coast, one of the worlds most famous train journeys begins: on the Canadian Railway, an amazing journey across the North American continent and the Canadian Rocky Mountains on a railroad that extends for 6,000 kilometers, with comfortable trains that feature observation wagons for some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Check the timetables of the trains you’ll be riding on to see how this affects the arrival times in towns and cities you want to stop off in. Know where the province of Alberta is located?  Folks out there would like seniors to come their way and stop off for a short visit and get back on the train and continue.

Traveling from one side of Canada to another by train is the perfect framework for an exciting and varied holiday. Traveling both ways is not: the vast landscape of the country will become infinitely less interesting if you have to turn round and go back again. It is recommend that you should decide whether to start your trip in the west (Vancouver) or in the east Halifax (Nova Scotia).

Let’s Just Forget the Cost

The romance of the rails doesn’t come cheap in Canada. But you’re sure to fall in love with train travel.   Travel across Canada on a 14 day tour and get pampered too. Pamper yourself with first-class accommodations, delicious meals, and access to exclusive lounge cars to view Canada’s ever-changing scenery. Stay in luxurious, centrally-located hotels and enjoy sightseeing tours to get you acquainted with each unique city on your route. And, of course, enjoy ample time at your leisure to see each city your way.

While there are many choices…

You’ll have lots of choices using Amtrak or Canadian Rail. It’s all comfort in motion as the Canadian cars now benefit from an all-new design. Carpets, colors, materials: it’s all been brought together to update the historic cachet of these magnificent cars. Elegant ambiance and cozy cabins make traveling on board the Canadian more than ever a one-of-a-kind experience.  Let me suggest just five of the best train trips in Canada.

Rocky Mountain Vacations

Rocky Mountaineer Vacations has carried senior citizen guests aboard its world-famous train through the majestic Canadian Rockies since 1990. You’ll wind through lands teeming with wildlife, snow-capped mountain peaks, glittering glacial lakes and roaring waterfalls. The train doesn’t have sleeper cars… you don’t stay onboard overnight. After spending your day viewing stunning landscapes from vantage points that are inaccessible to other vehicles, you’ll arrive at cozy hotel for a relaxing evening.

Trains are just plain fun

Travel by train is just plain fun.  And it is an easy, stress free way to enjoy traveling.   jeb

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