Seniors: The Long and Short of Flights

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So  you spent over four hours in a plane huh? Well let me introduce you to some real hours.  Also some pretty short hops as well.  At present, the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight is Singapore Airlines, SQ21 from Newark Liberty (EWR) to Singapore Changi International (SIN) clocking in at a whopping 18 hours 50 minutes! Thankfully, the huge all-business-class Airbus A340-500 and world-famous in-flight service makes the halfway-around-the-world jaunt from New Jersey quite bearable. (In that same time, you could drive from Newark to Kansas City.)

The world’s shortest regularly-scheduled, non-stop commercial flight is on Scotland’s Loganair, from the island of Westray (WRY) to Papa Westray (PSV) in the Orkney Islands, clocking in at a meager 2 minutes (so I’m guessing there’s no beverage service).  There are plenty of other super short

commercial flights all over the world, mostly inter-island and commuter connections. The Caribbean’s LIAT flight between the islands of St. Kitt’s (SKB) and Nevis (NEV) is scheduled at 15 minutes, but rarely takes more than 5 minutes from take-off to landing.  

Those of us who have flown to Japan, China, Australia and other long routes from the United States know that it takes lots of patience, water, leg room, pillows, bathroom stops, getting up and down, walking the aisles, taking in a little food, visiting with neighbors, magazines, newspapers, movies, looking out the window(s) and other time consuming attributes to make the time go a little faster, although it is still a long, long, long way.  That nearly 19 hours in a plane would blow the minds of many travelers.  It would mine. 

Much of the information above comes from a new site I just discovered via AOL.  Give it a shot.  It has lots and lots of valuable information for travelers like yourself. The site has Budget Travel, Adventure Travel, Travel Tech, Travel Tips; it “stuffed” with personal stories and advice.

Here’s one more bit of information from called Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips.  A long flight in an economy seat doesn’t have to be something to endure.   These tips will help you travel more comfortably, and this information is geared specifically for extra-long flights and how they can be more tolerable.  These two URLs should help you with your long trips if you adhere to the advice.  jeb

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