Seniors: Speak the Language When You Travel

Dec 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

It is always helpful when traveling to another country where you do not know the language to learn some before departure.   One of neatest sites I have come across in my venture to work on my fourteen language homepage is SitePal, a site that translates words and phrases from one language to another.


You input what you would like to say, choose to translate from English into another language, choose the voice of either a man or a woman and press the SAY IT button and Bingo… you hear it loud and clear.  And it is free.  I like that.  It is one of the neatest “finds” that I have come across in a long time.  I am confident that you will enjoy it as well if you want to learn just a few good phrases along your way to Germany, Italy, France, Brazil or even Russia.  You can choose from among 18 different languages which pretty much covers most travelers needs. 


This Text-to-Speech Translator by SitePal also permits you to input up to 250 characters for a rather full paragraph or something that you might pull from a brochure that you would like translated. Additional resources are available to assist you in becoming comfortable with a foreign language prior to overseas travel.  GOOGLE  offers access to 100 different languages and to have text translated.  It is a five star site in my book.  The Bing, Babylon, Reverso, Babelfish and World Lingo sites are also fun to work with for translation help.  If you should come across other sites that you feel would be a good addition to these resources, please send them on to me at the bottom of each language page or as a comment here on SCJ.  I thank you in advance.


Want to learn a new word a day for your second language?  Try “Around the World in Six Languages.”  You will learn an audio word a day.  Even if you are not planning on traveling at all, it is an excellent means to keep your brain happy, functioning well and challenging your intelligence.  Kinda like doing Sudoku or cross-word puzzles.  Shambles has multiple language links at where you can learn to tell time, count, travel phrases and more.   Why not spend a little time here and enjoy getting ready for that trip to an exotic country, or just have fun!  JEB

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