Seniors: Maps and Tips for Travel Planning

Apr 8th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Hey seniors, no need to ever get lost in the good old US again with Map Finder. This site is especially helpful for us men who refuse to ask directions. Here you first choose the city, then if you wish, a specific address. It printed out my street with a nice red dot on it. A lot like Mapquest but much more interesting, this site goes one step further in compiling travel secrets based on Condé Nast Travel. It reads “Compiling a list of the best travel secrets is trickier than you’d think. For starters, the very act of publishing them gives them away, which is why I limited myself to those “secrets” that will be just as useful and effective after they’re exposed.”

The Europe Trip Plans had 65 possible sites listed with Fact Sheets, Photos and Items. It even gives the current time in that city/country. Wow! Great find it is! Even give the weather temperature in a specific city like 36 degrees F and rain in Venice today. What I didn’t like was when it gave me Currency and came up with 0.69 Euros to one of our almighty dollars. Bad deal there.

All Travel Tips has a wide variety of travel tips for seniors from Arriving Tips, At the Hotel Tips, Clothing Tips, During Your Stay Tips, Europe-Best Travel Tips, Health Tips, Money Tips and many more.

Do you know BING? Take a look. It is another search engine like Google and Yahoo. Let me suggest another while I am on the subject. It is called CUIL. I put in Travel Tips and the results were amazing . I like CUIL as it has a totally different format with photos, the URL, a short explanation of the subject, video results for your selected topic, and more. Enjoy. jeb

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