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It’s a Big Place

Russia is huge. The Russian Federation is the largest of the 21 republics that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States.  Most seniors will find that Moscow and St. Petersburg rate high among tours, especially for the first time visit in that country. has a nice listing of tours for seniors to consider. Maybe a Russian River cruise or two might even spark your interest. Let’s go “whole hog” and see if you might like a 14 day-13 night Trans-Mongolian Journey.

Escorted General-Interest Tours

Winston Churchill once described Russia as “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”  It has not changed much since Churchill’s time. Today Russia’s tourism industry is only beginning to tap the travel possibilities across the world’s largest country. No roads exist across much of the territory, and hotels and services in small towns are often little better than gulags.

All this makes an escorted tour — with a group leader, including airfare, hotels, meals, admission costs, and local transportation — quite appealing. The chief benefit is that the tour company negotiates the hassle of getting a visa; it’s also handy to have tour guides navigate museums and street signs labeled in Russian only.

So seniors, if you prefer a structured, more organized form of travel, you may  be impressed with Trips to Russia Group Tours. They favor smaller, private groups which allow a greater level of customer service and satisfaction. Now let me see if I can find some more “deals” for senior travelers.

Trips For the Senior Traveler

St. Petersburg Getaway for the Senior Traveler is specifically designed for the Senior Traveler. Most group tours today offer you a nice selection of sightseeing tours, private excursions with professional guides. GoToRussia has a dedicated team of over 50 highly skilled staff members to take care of every need of senior clients. They are proud of their customer service, their prices and their schedules and are never satisfied until seniors  are fully happy. This link provides a sampling of what you will see on a tour to both Moscow and St. Petersburg.

All Russia Tours

All Russia Tours claims to be the number one Russia travel service on the net. I liked their Special Interest Tours for those senior tourists who are interested in old Russian Churches, Russian art or a wide variety of other attractions.
TripAdvisor reviews tours that seniors will find are good ones: your own private tour of Moscow or private city tour of St. Petersburg both look appealing. St. Petersburg in time-lapse was fun too.

More tours available

TravelWizard has longer tour packages including luxury tours. This attractive link has several nice photos as well as a map to show where you might be going and focuses on Group Tours. I’ll depart today putting in a plug for another blog that I wrote on Moscow to fill in some gaps just in case you have not been there before.  Do enjoy Russia. до свидания, а так же приятное путешествие (Au Revoir et Bon Voyage). jeb

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