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The newspapers today recant daily the rising prices of senior citizen flying and vacations.  Many are calling off traveling with their families due to the high cost of gasoline and airlines are continually raising their prices due to the same.  Sticker shock abounds.  Airlines have raised fares six times this year and most recently United and Continental raised round-trip fares another $10. 

I suggest that you sign up for airline e-mail deals and frequent flier programs.  Many airlines send exclusive discount offers to those who sign up.  JetBlue recently had a deal for 10% off.  That’s a deal!  You may already be aware of this seniors, but the cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  If you are going overseas, Mondays and Wednesdays are often the sweet spot. can provide more information.

In other parts of the world prices do not seem to matter much.  The competition is fierce as two giants in the hotel industry vie for the right to call their package the most expensive vacation in the world. The two competitors, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and The Leading Hotels of the World, both offer $1 million vacation packages.

Lead Hotels’ package, “Around the World in 80 Ways,” celebrates both their 80th anniversary and the 80th Academy Awards ceremony. Leading Hotels invites two vacationers to take a 28-night journey via private jet. The voyage begins in London and includes twelve destinations, staying in some of the world’s most celebrated hotels along the way. The trip includes a stay at the Lake Palace in Udaipur, India, a hot air balloon ride in Dubai, a traditional tea ceremony in Tokyo and a final stop in New York City. 

Then there is Musha Cay. With rates starting at $24,750.00 per day, Musha Cay is the most expensive island in the world. Rates increase and can accommodate up to 24 of your best friends. Still looking for a few more.  Try these.  

But let’s leave those unreal packages alone and get back to reality.  Seniors, if you are looking to save on your next flight try one of these.  You may also sign up for fare alerts: 

Air Fare Compare

Air Faire Watchdog



Bing Travel 

If you are looking to find the cost of gasoline all over the country try Gas Buddy as they list state by state. GasBuddy can help you find cheap gas prices in your city. In total, they have 243 websites to help you find low gasoline prices. The USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline every day. This red hot demand for gas has pushed gas prices to record highs. gas prices often vary significantly. In many areas, fuel prices can vary by 20-30 cents per gallon or more within a very small area. This makes it even more important for motorists to shop around to find the best deal on fuel. GasBuddy provides you with the tools you need to find the lowest gas prices.  

As you know by now, I am all for using a travel agent.  They have information that is not on the web and usually at no cost.  Use them.  They are trained to give you super service and the best deals that are available.     jeb

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