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Joe Sent Me is the homepage for business travelers. Joe Brancatelli finds that members love him.  Mainstream-media reporters revere him. Big airline executives? Not much love, but lots of respect–and a little fear. Why? Because Joe Brancatelli is the voice of the American business traveler. Anxious to read one of his columns? Want to see what members and the media have to say about Joe?

Here are some of Joe’s Pick of the Travel Steals and Deals BARGAINS, Explained in Context — Qantas slashes its business-class fares to Sydney and Brisbane below $4,000. Aer Lingus mounts a summer business-class sale to Ireland and challenges British Airways on New York-London flights. Four Marriott brands offer $20 gift cards for summer weekend stays. Plus the summer business-class sales and hotel promos.

Along with what Joe has to write, take a look at Travel Weekly, the National Newspaper of the Travel Industry. It is kept current and even has a small section listing “Today’s News” to keep you up to date on what is occurring worldwide concerning senior travel.

The Savvy Traveller began twenty-two years ago in Chicago as a real live one-stop shop for travellers.  It was filled with guidebooks and all manner of other reading matter about places around the world, along with maps, globes and travel gear for actual travellers, armchair travellers…and dreamers. The aim of the store was to provide everything a traveller needs to plan and take a trip, except tickets.

Wired Seniors has a nice listing of helpful travel guides with current news and articles.  The latest has featured destination for England and Poland.  CDC Traveler Heath Tips for Travelers is always a good one to catch up prior to takeoff.  Consular Information and a CNN article on Online Travel booking on the rise are just a few of the articles featured recently.

The Traveler’s Journal has Featured Travel Articles (434 Online) written and hosted by David Bear, travel editor emeritus of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. These columns and articles have appeared in newspapers across North America. You can access these travel articles by scrolling their lists or using the search feature.     jeb

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