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Traveler’s Digest is a great new site for exploring the world. By clicking on a country you can begin to explore the world. Each leads to an adventure. Once you have chosen your continent you may then expand the site by honing in on a region, a particular area each complete with Travel Guides. It is a great aid for the Senior Travel Site blog here.

Another site is loaded with links dedicated to senior travel with travel information for dozens of tours. Another site with many tours just for senior women. Disabilities? No problem here with dozens of trips making it easier to join a tour with you in mind and travel to many areas of the world. And how about a Green Hotel? The World’s Top 15 Green Hotels & Resorts.

The US states and territories visited most by overseas travelers, excluding visitors from Canada and Mexico, include the following:  

10. New Jersey (721,000 Arrivals)
New Jersey’s ranking on this list is in most part due to the Newark International Airport, therefore not many stay long, however it’s entirely possible that a few foreign tourists have mispronounced the word New York to a taxi driver and have been taken to Newark.

9. Texas (901,000 Arrivals)
I’m not sure which part of Texas is exactly attractive to the tourists, but apparently part of it is. That, and Dallas is home to one of the world’s busiest airports, and is the hub of the world’s largest airline.

8. Massachusetts (901,000 Arrivals)
Boston’s appeal on the other side of the Atlantic is timeless. Europeans seem to be fascinated with visiting Boston, and do so in large numbers.

7. Illinois (901,000 Arrivals)
Chicago is home to the 2nd busiest airport in the world,and it’s no surprise that Illinois makes this list.

6. Guam (901,000 Arrivals)
Guam while rarely visited by domestic travelers, is huge on the international scene with the majority of its visitors hailing from Japan. They come for the perennial good weather, the beautiful beaches, and most important, the amazing golf courses.

5. Nevada (1.4 Million Arrivals)
This is where Las Vegas is. Enough said.

4. Hawaii (2 Million Arrivals)
Hawaii is, well it’s Hawaii… beautiful beaches, tropical weather, volcanic activity, what more could you want on an island in the middle of the Pacific?

3. California (4 Million Arrivals)
Maybe the most dreamt of place in the world, it’s no surprise that California ranks as high as it does on the international visitor chart. Los Angeles is where dreams are made, and California just happens to be where it’s at. And San Francisco doesn’t hurt either.

2. Florida (4.1 Million Arrivals)
Well Disney World is maybe the largest attraction in the world, receiving visitors from every nation on earth, but Florida isn’t just that, it’s Miami as well. And Miami is ground zero for Europeans on a package-holiday, it seems as if every European has at one time or another taken a vacation package to Miami.

1. New York (4.1 Million Arrivals)
Ahh!! New York, the least surprising end to any list ever made. New York City is the most visited city in the United States by far, hence the state is as well. This city has direct flights to Azerbaijan for goodness sake, and you know if they have direct flights to Azerbaijan they have direct flights to pretty much everywhere.      jeb

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