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Seniors Find Natural Beauty and Wildlife

I first became aware of this town in the Wyoming 2012 Official Travelers Journal.  I was very impressed with the 164-page document with information on the entire state. I have always felt that the state of Texas had the best guide for seniors traveling in that state. This Wyoming guide rates quite high as well.

A small insert fell out of the guide.  It was on Pinedale. Pinedale. I just liked that name, so I did some investigation and here is a travel blog on this small town in the SW part of Wyoming.  Located 78 miles south of Jackson Hole and 90 miles south of Yellowstone National Park, Pinedale is in the heart of the Upper Green River Valley.  Wyoming’s Upper Green River Valley — part of the same ecosystem as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks — is a place of spectacular natural beauty with abundant wildlife and recreational opportunities, home to long-standing traditions of ranching, hunting and fishing. It also holds the nation’s fastest-growing and most profitable natural gas fields. In this video you will see a city in transition.

Be on the Lookout for Moose

Pinedale is a small town with a big heart. Deer, moose and other wildlife are often seen within the city limits, so be careful driving into town.  A moose on the grill would not do your hood any good at all. It might even anger the locals…or the moose’s mate. Recreation opportunities are just minutes away, whether it’s fishing or boating in the many lakes surrounding Pinedale, skiing at White Pine Ski Area or hiking in the Wind River Mountains.

Due to its location so close to the Bridger Wilderness and the Wind River Mountains, many outdoor senior enthusiasts make Pinedale their jumping off point for outdoor adventures. The “main street” of Pinedale is US Route 191, which connects Jackson Hole to Rock Springs .

Small But Resonating With Outdoor Activity

While Pinedale is small, it is the largest community in Sublette County, and has a population of around 1,400 people and with an elevation of 7,175 feet.  It is the county seat for Sublette County and the local residents find that it is safe and friendly with a relaxed atmosphere.  With its roots as a ranching community, outdoor recreation has also always been an important part of the lifestyle of this western town.

Home to the Museum of the Mountain Man where you will find a comprehensive collection of Rocky Mountain fur trade era artifacts including those of the American Indian as well as the Mountain Man. The Museum of the Mountain Man is one of Pinedale’s cultural focal points, attracting about 12,000 visitors a year during its six-month season. The Museum was established by the Sublette County Historical Society to preserve and illuminate the history of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade era, and Sublette County‘s role as the fur trade’s center of operations.  Pinedale hosts the Green River Rendezvous each July celebrating the era of the mountain men who lived in this area and trapped beaver in the early 1800s.

For a “slice of life” for senior visitors, Pinedale-Online is a site that abounds with a nice variety of information. Even TripAdvisor has been here to check out the best hotels, B&Bs, things to see and do plus some fine places for seniors to enjoy some excellent Wyoming cuisine. The three mountain ranges that frame the County just can’t be beat for summer and winter recreation alike. Boating and fishing the crystal clear lakes and rivers just doesn’t get any better.

Seniors…”All The Civilization You Need”

The city abounds in attractions, activities, events, lodging, dining and more.  Fremont Lake, nestled at the base of the Wind River Mountains, offers seniors recreational opportunities and facilities. A great means for seniors to take in Pinedale’s mountains is from the back of a steady trail horse headed into the back country for a week long stay. Or is it even better to hike those ever changing trails with a backpack and boots?

I have found you a nice Lakeside Lodge to check out during your visit. Lakeside Lodge and Pinedale offer activities for everyone to enjoy no matter the season. I just love interactive maps and I found a good one for you to explore.  Hey, enter to win a Pinedale Weekend Getaway that will make your trip cheaper and worthwhile as well. Send for a Free Visitor’s Guide to Pinedale and have a good handle on the area before you arrive.

So seniors, if you’re looking for fewer crowds, western hospitality, and fantastic scenery,  visit Pinedale and maybe take in one of these performances.  I’d like to visit Pinedale just to take in Cowboy Shop.  Just look at that neat hat, those earrings, that necklace  and that gorgeous red pillow.  Wow. Let’s put Pinedale on our “Bucket List.” I might even run into you out there.  Wouldn’t that be something?   jeb

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