Senior Travelers: Top Ten Travel Tips for 2010

May 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Lonely Planet has released their top ten travel tips for 2010.  I loved their tenth suggestion: When All Else Fails, Find a Cheap Flight to New York.  If you have travel fever, but don’t have the time or money to escape the country, find a cheap flight to New York. I agree.  I love NYC.  While there take a Grey Line Tour or one of the other city bus tours.  Upper Manhattan or Lower Manhattan, both are super.  Better yet, take them both.

TravLang invites seniors to learn a few words in another language for your next trip abroad.  Be sure to scroll down to the –Follow the Two Steps Below– directions.  Dozens of languages are included on a very colorful site.   You might even enjoy “playing around” in a few that you do not know like Chinese, Japanese or Russian.  Words, numbers, dining, travel, directions, places, times and dates all with sound accompaniment.  As a former language teacher I enjoy learning a few words in chinese for when we eat out at a chinese restaurant. I can say “Thank YouThank you = xìe xìe, and they do love it.  I can also say “Ni Hao” upon entering…you can look that one up!

On another blog, this information did not work well, so I tried to “fix it up a bit” for you as it provides some valid information for senior travel plans.  Consumer Search lists KAYAK as the Best Travel Search Engine, HOTWIRE as Best for Hotel Discounts YAPTA Best for Airline TravelersPriceline for Best Travel Bidding Site and TripAdvisor for Best for Reviews of Hotels and Attractions.   Other sites offering travel suggestions and opinions include Kiplinger, CNN Times on Line (UK), Planet Rider’s Best Travel.  Do check these all out as they are highly recommended.  I do love and have saved lots of money on five star hotel stays for only $75.00 a night.   jeb

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