Senior Travelers: Alpha and Beta Cities Around The World

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Hey Seniors!  Have you ever heard of an Alpha City?  Alpha cities are also economic powerhouses. They are meccas for the international business community, and they usually house the core of their national financial industry, including stock exchanges. Many international companies have offices in every alpha city so that they can be in touch with the most current events going on around the world, and alpha cities are major waypoints for shipping as well, with the city often being situated on a port.

To be an alpha city, a city must have a well serviced international airport, along with hubs for trains, shipping, and trucking, and an extensive public transit system. The community of people in the city are diverse, with people from many nations, religions, and socioeconomic classes represented. Alpha cities tend to have tremendous political influence, not only in their own nations, but in the world in general.

Finally, an alpha city is a cultural center. Alpha cities are rich in arts and culture, with museums, theaters, resident symphonies, and other forms of culture.

Alpha World City

An alpha city is a city which plays a major role in the international community. Alpha cities have tremendous economic, political, and social clout, and they are viewed as primary hubs for global industry, in addition to centers of culture. Some examples of alpha cities are: Paris, London, Tokyo, and New York City. There are also beta cities such as San Francisco, Singapore, Beijing, and Brussels, which play an important role in the global community but lack the power of their alpha brethren.

Alpha World Cities++:  (note the plus and minus symbols for the cities)

Alpha World Cities +:

Alpha World Cities:

Alpha World Cities :

Some BETA world cities:

Beta World Cities +:

1 New York City Business Activity and Human Capital (1st)
2 London Cultural Experience (1st)
3 Paris Information Exchange (1st)
4 Tokyo Business Activity (2nd)
5 Hong Kong Business Activity and Human Capital (5th)
6 Los Angeles Human Capital (4th)
7 Singapore Business Activity (6th)
8 Chicago Human Capital (3rd)
9 Seoul Information Exchange (5th)
10 Toronto Cultural Experience (4th)

A global city (also called world city or sometimes alpha city) is a city deemed to be an important node point in the global economic system.

DO YOU KNOW WHICH CITIES around the world are Alpha cities?  More data here.

And you can find information on Beta and Gamma Cities too at


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