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Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

San José’s location within the booming local technology industry earned the city its nickname, Capital of Silicon Valley. San José now maintains global city status and is the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area in terms of population, land area, and industrial development. The U.S. Census Bureau reported the population of the city to be 945,942 as of the 2010 Census. Seniors who love technology flock to the area finding it to be the epicenter of many technology firms such as Cisco Systems, IBM, Ebay, Hitachi, Intel, Adobe, Novellus Systems, Altera and many more.

San José has a world-renowned quality of life, offering a wide variety of exciting cultural, recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities. In addition, the city of San José has the nation’s best public safety record of any metropolitan area, a marvelous ethnic diversity and a beautiful climate. It is located roughly 50 miles south of San Francisco and 390 miles north of Los Angeles.

San José (St. Joseph in Spanish) is the third largest city in California and the tenth largest in the U.S. It is located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay. The San José/Silicon Valley area is a major component of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, a region of 7.5 million people.

This area of California seems to run together and given the number of towns and communities annexed by San José in the 1950s, to say nothing of the many neighboring cities considered part of the San José metropolitan area (and not even considering the larger sphere of Silicon Valley), exact definitions of the city’s neighborhoods are almost impossible. San José residents will argue amongst themselves about where one community ends and another begins. What can be said with certainty is that the whole metropolis is a fascinating, dynamic and almost infinitely varied mosaic.

In San José-the heart of Silicon Valley, take the grandchildren to the Tech Museum of Innovation with interactive exhibits. Visitors also love the Children’s Discovery Museum and the Winchester Mystery House, a rambling, 160-room Victorian mansion. San José is California’s oldest city and its original Capital.  San José is California’s most diverse city. San José population is made up of African American, Asian, Caucasian, Eastern European, Hispanic and Pacific Islanders.

A Very Diverse City Appealing to Seniors

San José is a City proud of the cultural and ethnic diversity of its population and workforce, and the rich cultural identity of its many neighborhoods. Residents speak more than 52 different languages. Japantown is a popular tourist stop and a corner-stone neighborhood full of tradition.  San José Japantown(also known as “Nihonmachi” (ja: 日本町) or “J Town”) is one of only three remaining Japantowns in America,   Biblioteca-Latino Americana, one of the city’s innovative library branches, boasts one of the largest collections of Spanish language materials in Northern California. The City sponsors many cultural festivals and numerous ethnic chambers of commerce are active in the community.

Yahoo Travel likes San José.  It lists 157 things for seniors to do while in the area. TripAdvisor chips in with 57 of their own along with a Travel Forum, Photos and a Map. AOL lists Things to do by Type such as concerts, tours, dance, major events, attractions and landmarks, wineries, etc.

The hands-on Tech Museum of Innovation is a popular illustration of the art of technology. Downtown, art galleries and arts organizations south of First Street keep their doors open late the first Friday of every month. This provides the opportunity for patrons and aficionados to meet the talents who are responsible for the extraordinary works of art. Being formerly on university staff, I found that SJSU’s student population to be one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation, with large Asian and Latino enrollments, as well as the highest foreign student enrollment of all master’s institutions in the United States.

Here, California casual is always in style, but since San José is one of the wealthiest areas in California. Seniors are assured of excellent shopping and fine dining. Seniors will keep plenty busy in the “valley” and the surrounding area. My wife and I enjoy driving through large university campuses and San José State University with its 31,000 students in over 130 different bachelor’s and master’s degree programs is one we will want to visit. Dionne Warwick’s 1968 million selling Grammy winning international smash hit Do You Know the Way to San Jose invites seniors to come and see SJ for themselves.  jeb

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