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Destination for Senior History Buffs

So when I read about Puglia in a travel magazine, I asked myself…where in Puglia? I just had to find out  for myself and share it with all my senior readers. Apulia or Puglia, in Italian, is a region in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east and therefore situated at the south-eastern tip of the Italian peninsula or the heel of the boot of Italy.

If you are a history buff, this region is one of the richest in Italy for archaeological findings and here’s why: For several thousand years Puglia  was the target for every Mediterranean power in existent, being successfully invaded by the Greeks, Japygeans, Romans, Byzantium, Normans and Spanish. It’s the region’s historical bad luck that it inhabited such a strategically vital point on the Italian peninsula.

Seniors Find Tourist’s dream

Today of course, its placement over two coasts makes it a tourist’s dream. Add to the mile upon mile of shoreline, superb weather, beautiful towns, lovely countryside, and plenty of beaches (not to mention rocky coves and spectacular cliffs), Puglia vacations are becoming ever more popular with Italians and others.

It may be a sizable region, but with Puglia never more than 30km across, you never find yourself far from the seaside, and that moderates the temperatures. The “official tourist site”  notes that with the crystal blue sea, green countryside, intense red terrain, golden sunsets….From Porto Cesareo to Peschici, from Bari to Taranto, from Vieste to Brindisi, from Otranto to the Tremiti Islands, you can experience a multitude of emotions holidaying in Puglia, all year round.

Puglia is divided into six provinces. Here are the main cities that you will want to visit and why. It’s a little remote, but so much the better.

It is said that Italy’s boot has it all, except tourists. Puglia has some of the brightest seas, most diverse art and architecture, most mouthwatering peasant cuisine and kindest people in all of Italy — including strangers who will go out of their way to lead you to one after another stunning beach on impossibly lapis-lazuli waters.   Arreviderci Roma and welcome to Puglia.

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