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Welcome to! A site entirely dedicated to one of the most exciting cities in the world, Montreal.  Montreal is known for its superb cuisine, vibrant nightlife, festivals, sunny terraces, cultural diversity and that special joie de vivre (joy of life), that Montrealer’s are famous for.

So seniors, you can find anything you want and it’s a great place to try something new! Montreal offers a restaurant for every budget and every taste. You want the “works”…here it is. TripAdvisor will provide hotel listings as well as Things to Do here. Montreal is BIG as Canada’s second most populous with an estimated metropolitan area population of 3,859,318.

I liked this site called How to Visit Montreal. It states that…”Montreal is a charming, tourist-friendly city with an emphatically French atmosphere. Although many residents are bilingual, French is the language you’ll hear spoken everywhere. Montreal boasts a large historic section and enough attractions to keep even the most energetic traveler busy. Visitors can immerse themselves in history by staying in Old Montreal or choose a modern accommodation in the newer part of the city.” Explore Old Montreal, a large section of historic buildings and churches, museums,art galleries, restaurants and cafes. It takes one or more days to fully appreciate all that Old Montreal  has to offer; some nice videos are available to go along with the attractions.

Since I speak French, I should get up there some time.  Québec City as well.  Have you been there? Moi? Pas encore…amiss un jour.  A hint for your visit: Buy a French-English dictionary. While most people you encounter as a tourist will be bilingual, the signs you see will be printed in French. Road signs are in French, so it’s important to learn such words as “sortie” (exit) and “arret” (stop) if you will be driving. So how’s your French?  Try this then. Alors, on va render visit à Montréal, n’est-ce pas?  jeb

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