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Seniors Visit Shreveport and Bossier City

This senior has a special interest in Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana… my son and his family lived there for a good number of years.  These twin cities are home to numerous casino boats and a race track that has poured new streams of revenue into the Northwest Louisiana area, only 20 miles east of the Texas state line.  It’s that unique combination of two great American heritages that sets Shreveport-Bossier apart. It’s a little Texas, a little Cajun.

Shreveport is a city that was founded on oil. There is so much more for visitors to the area to see than just the casinos, ranging from family favorite Gators and Friends, an exotic animal park, to the beautifully serene Gardens of the American Rose Center, the Barnwell Garden Center, or the Norton Museum with its renovated galleries and lovely landscaped park areas.  Shreveport-Bossier City is full of relaxing modern conveniences wrapped in welcoming Southern charm. Cajun nightlife abounds and here is a video of Shreveport’sTexas Street accompanied by Jelly Roll Morton’s “Shreveport Stomp.”

Down here folks enjoy lots of spicy crawfish, called Mudbugs, and other Cajun and Creole specialties like Jambalaya, dirty rice and gumbo.  While I will admit that mudbugs are not my favorite delicacy, I had to try them to appease my son and his family. If you don’t care to take in a Mudbug take in a “Mudbugs” hockey game.

You will find a myriad of art galleries and art spaces, like Artspace at the west edge of downtown, a gallery that features local artists and has a great upstairs café.   The Robinson film center presents independent films and also boasts an upstairs bistro. If you’re a history buff interested in the history of Shreveport, you’ll be glad to know that the Spring Street Historical Museum is free admission, and it’s one of the best places to visit in Shreveport to see interesting artifacts like firearms, vintage clothing, old maps and more.

Seniors Discover Filmmakers and Film Studios in Shreveport

The Metro area has a population of 355,000+ and growing.  Many of the newcomers are talented artists and filmmakers working with the still expanding Millennium Films Studios, where “The Guardian” starring Kevin Costner was produced in 2005.  They moved to Shreveport in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Red River flows along the city and it is properly named with the water running a dirty red color. The riverboat casinos that are floating palaces, tributes to the frontier tradition of 24-hour fun and excitement. Along with traditional gaming, the casinos host fabulous entertainment and an assortment of restaurants and buffets. Don’t be surprised to find a famous star or two at your gaming table or favorite club. It’s home to Barksdale Air Force Base where my son hit a golf ball one quarter of a mile…down the Barksdale AF runway.

Shreveport Bossier City’s festivals draw hundreds of thousands, from this state and others, all ready to experience family-friendly fun with loads of good food, days of dancing, art and a whole lot more. If you are into flowers as I am, seniors will enjoy the world famous American Rose Gardens.

This travel guide will fill you in on hotels, things to do, restaurants and photos of the cities. TripAdvisor has 21 great sites for you to check out.  Lastly, Frommer’s provides a guide for Louisiana and focuses on these two exciting cities.

One thing is for sure, you will find lots to see and do in Shreveport.  So get up some courage and try some spicy “Mudbugs” as well as some good gumbo, shrimp, frog legs, red snapper and maybe even a bit of wild hog. You won’t go home hungry.  jeb

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