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Dubai is a beautiful city to visit. It is a cosmopolitan city that has been exposed to innumerable cultures. The number of languages spoken is one of the many proofs that show the cosmopolitan nature of the Dubai city.

Dubai (دبي Dubayy) is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is rather like an independent city-state and is the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE, developing at an unbelievable pace in the tourist and trade sectors especially. Once you land in Dubai, you might not think it is an Arab country. You might think that you are in India or the Philippines. Dubai, since the founding of the oil industry, has attracted thousands of migrants from all over the world. From May to September, the sun is intense and temperatures can touch 45°C (113°F) in the city and even higher in the desert. The heat, coupled with a humidity of 60%-70% near the coast, effectively precludes most activity outdoors for the daylight hours during summer.

More and more we hear the name Dubai on the news.  It is today one of the preferred haunts of the wealthiest globe trotters on the planet and is a relatively new tourist destination.  There seems to be something there for everyone, even seniors.  As costly as it is, I have found a listing of hotels for you to check out that start at $58 a night (a Crowne Plaza).  

Travelocity can also help with many hotel suggestions such as “cheap hotels.” A city guide and travel information site features many attractions. Sights of Dubai is another good URL to check out.  In the last few years, a lot of money was invested in tourism and a completely new Dubai infrastructure was developed, with spectacular building projects like the artificial islands.  

A couple of videos focus on the opulence personified of this country. And of course the fabulous Burj Kahlifa, the Tallest Building in the World.”

Google is always good for a map and this one will take you all around town, just type in Dubai. It includes terrain and satellite versions as well. Dubai’s public transport system is probably the best in the Middle East, but it’s still a very car-oriented city and most visitors end up taking taxis quite often. Lonely Planet writes…”Glitzy, glam, over-the-top and a little overexposed, Dubai lives for attention. On the surface it’s materialistic beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and by treating every visitor like a VIP, visitors respond by spending like VIPs, only to need resuscitating when the next month’s credit-card bill arrives.”

When to Go: The city could be the perfect getaway when if you are looking for sunshine and warmth. The period between November and March is said to have the best climate and therefore the best time to visit Dubai. The early months of the year also have the attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival where you can shop till you drop.

Getting There & Around: You can easily get to the city on direct flights, as the city has an excellent international airport that is rated among the world’s 10 best airports. You can get flights from important cities of the world. And lastly, check out Visit Dubai URL.  Now maybe just save up a few pennies and have a ball in Dubai.  I could go on and on about Dubai, but will let you check out the various URLs above and judge for yourself. jeb

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