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I continually see cars here in the Valley of the Sun with Canadian license plates and it seems like there are many “snow birds” from Alberta.  That’s one province that I do not know and that seems like a neat place to live.  Alberta Up Close is a nice introduction to the province via a video.

As of January 1, 2009, Alberta’s population is estimated to be 3,632,483. This represents a yearly increase of approximately 91,251 persons (or 2.58% growth) for the twelve months ending January 1, 2008. This map  provides the physical setting with the major cities, including Calgary and Edmonton, which is the capital city of Alberta and is well known for its scenic river valley and a thriving music and art community. Located 294 km (183 mi) north of Calgary, Edmonton is home to North America’s largest shopping and entertainment complex, West Edmonton Mall. More than just a shopping centre, West Edmonton Mall also has a giant water park, a man-made lake, a skating rink, two mini-golf courses, 21 movie theaters, a Vegas-style casino and an amusement park with 25 rides and attractions. 

If you want to experience adventure in western Canada, there’s only one place you need to go. As the main gateway to the Canadian Rockies, Alberta boasts the kind of terrain that beckons outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. Get ready for bragging rights. From peaks to plains, Alberta has one of the finest settings ever handed to a province. You’ll find things to do in every corner – from rugged mountain parks to the Canadian Badlands, to boreal forests to rolling prairies, rivers lakes and streams. Explore the past, present and future in Alberta. This site has dozens of Things to Do in Alberta

Alberta is home to 43 First Nations in three treaty areas—their cultures are distinct and diverse. Explore 10,000 years of First Nations life at ancient sites and museums around Alberta. Paddle the same waterways of original Métis fur trappers. Discover ancient petroglyphs and rock art, learn to make hand drums or sleep in a teepee next to North America’s best-preserved buffalo jump. Here is a list of more reasons to check out Alberta

Alberta is something to see – and we mean that quite literally, in every aspect you can imagine. Natural wonders await you – the Canadian Badlands in the southeast; the aurora borealis in the north; ancient glaciers perched atop the Great Divide and turquoise alpine lakes in our Canadian Rocky Mountains to the west; rolling prairies and boreal forests; and more species of birds and wildlife than you can count. Alberta’s grandeur and beauty are obvious from the moment of arrival. Rolling foothills, intimidating mountains and prehistoric hoodoos are a few of Alberta’s more distinct natural landmarks.  

Lastly TripAdvisor can provide almost every aspect of what you will need to know prior to your visit to Alberta with top restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, and trusted vacation rentals.  See you up north.  jeb

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