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a Cool Small Town

Beaufort North Carolina, population 4,039, was selected by  Budget Travel as a super small town for senior travelers to visit. They note that Beaufort has “Southern charm with a dash of salty seaside spirit.”  How about that?  Sound like someplace you’d like to see for yourself?  I would.

Check out these scenes

The Beaufort homepage has some terrific photos that gave Budget Travel good reason to select it as a special site.  The town of Beaufort is pronounced “Bo-furt” and it’s history goes way back. It was around 1709 when the town located on the site of the former Coree Indian village, Cwarioc, meaning “fish town” was established.

There is another Beaufort down south,  located in South Carolina.  It too is a super neat place to visit… I’ve been there. The city and the surrounding sea islands have a rich African-American heritage.

Budget Travel Magazine finds Beaufort “cool”

Beaufort was selected as one of the coolest small towns in the country. Beaufort has been visited by patriots, privateers, merchants and skilled craftsmen who built Bahamian and West Indian style homes and public buildings. More than 100 of these have been restored are proudly bear plaques proclaiming their names and dates of construction.

Located in the heart of the Historic District is the Beaufort Historic Site, which depicts 18th and 19th century coastal Carolina. The Site houses nine historic buildings as well as the Welcome Center on almost two acres. Just check out some of these historic links for Carteret County.

The lighthouse is cool too

TripAdvisor will find great places for you to stay, 16 attractions and some great restaurants you will want to investigate. That Blue Moon Bistro on Queen Street looks like I place I’d like to visit. The Cedar’s Inn is not too shabby either. The entire county on the Pamlico River is neat. If you enjoy fishing check out this trip.

Carteret County

While in Carteret County, senior visitors will discover some of the hidden treasures of the Crystal Coast.  Relax and enjoy warm sandy beaches, pristine waters, gentle Atlantic breezes, maritime forests, shipped wreck horses and unparalleled shelling.  Senior travelers will discover one of the few remaining undeveloped coastal barrier island systems in the world. Observe the natural beauty, wind shaped sands and maritime influences on these uninhabited islands. There are no lines and no traffic jams, simply take the ferry ride.

Cool town on the outer banks

Located on what is called the Outer Banks, Beaufort is probably the nicest of North Carolina’s coastal towns.  A good base for visiting the nearby beaches, it has an attractive waterfront that’s particularly lively at night.  North Carolina‘s third-oldest town, Beaufort also has an appealing twelve-block historical district, centering on Turner Street, off the waterfront.  You’ll find handsome old houses, an apothecary, and the city jail.

Seniors Tour Beaufort and Learn Its History

Tour is a great URL to help fill up your itinerary for shopping, lodging, dining and more. I liked their means of introducing seniors to each of their fun things to do. If you’d like a vacation central, there are plenty of opportunities around and in Beaufort including air tours, amusement parks, museums, and the National Seashore.

The “behind the scenes” that most tourists don’t see or know about will take you away from the crowd. Senior travelers and history-lovers alike step back in time at the Beaufort State Historic Site, where you can see everyday colonial life on display.

Tour the city

Frommer’s will take you right into the center of town as well as providing some nice side trips. Tour the beautiful historic homes, see what it was like to be a prisoner by visiting the old jail, climb aboard an English double-decker bus and travel through Beaufort’s history as colonist pass down the stories of Confederate spies and pirates.

The most well known pirate, Blackbeard, has a long history in Beaufort. Three miles off the coast proves the resting place of his flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  When crossing the bridge over the InterCoastal Waterway from Morehead City, there is a noticeable step back into time with over 100 historic homes, and southern hospitality unsurpassed from each and every person you meet.

Beaufort lies on the Taylor Creek waterfront, where a boardwalk with restaurants, shops, and piers offers pleasant strolling. Beaufort is just one enjoyable spot where you’ll find lots of nice people and learn why it was selected as one of the neatest small towns in America.  jeb

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