Senior Travel Planning: Johnny Jet, Virtual Tourist and Transitions Abroad

May 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

I’ve talked about Johnny Jet Travel News in previous posts.  The site now provides information from travel experts for senior citizens on a variety of sites: Chicago Tribune * LA Times * NY Times * Washington Post * USAToday * Other News * Frommers * ABC * CNN * MSNBC * Good to Know.  This is the place where travel experts share their tips and expertise to make you the expert. It’s also a place to have fun, explore, learn and just kick back.

Johnny Jet started this newsletter/website for fun. It all began when he emailed a few friends who traveled a lot, and wanted to earn as many miles as he did. They all competed to see who could accrue more miles; Johnny proudly proclaims he kicked their butts, traveling 150,000 miles a year for the past 10 years.  His site is the result of all that traveling and he shares information very willingly.  Just think what you can do for fun, and provide a valuable service in the process!

Welcome to the New VT! The new Virtual Tourist is another great planning aid for seniors. For now, you’ll see a snazzy new front page, deals section, new cleaner lay out and cool new technology.  But it’s just the beginning!  Over the next weeks and months, you’ll see new member pages, new travel guides, a bulk photo uploader, and more.  For the inside scoop, check out the video from VT headquarters. Hotels, Meet Members, Travel Deals, Trip Planner and Forums are all here for you to view.

Here is an entire page dedicated to Senior Travel from Transitions Abroad. You may expand each section on articles, programs, tours, volunteer vacations, web sites and print resources.  Select the Travel Abroad highlighted in the upper LH corner and you will have lots of information to glean through on working, studying, traveling or living abroad.  Also check out their section called WEBZINE in the upper RH corner of this site.  You can browse articles from ten years of back issues by clicking the magazine cover or the link beneath the cover.  Lots of good reading here folks.  You could be busy here for a long long time, so enjoy. jeb

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