Senior Travel on European Trains: The Eurorail

May 17th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

The best way to travel in Europe? Explore your favorite European destinations by rail with ‘Eurorail’ Passes. Popular for over 50 years, you may take as many trains as you wish with your Eurail Pass. How cool is that!

Eurail Passes, also known as Euro Rail Passes, are train Passes for flexible rail travel throughout Europe.  The Eurail Product offer consists of four types of Europe train tickets:

Eurail can take you to 25 exciting countries in Europe. Where do you want to travel by rail? Select a country in the menu or on the map on the site. You can see which Eurail Passes are available for each.  For all destinations you can find info on tourist highlights and traveling by train. In many countries you are entitled to extra Eurail Pass benefits.

Plan your Eurail trip with the tools and info in this section! Find out train times and what you should know about European train travel.  Take a look at the Europe rail map and Eurail preparation tips. Additional information is available about Eurail train timetables and railway maps, trains & stations and more. Seat Reservations information includes when you should make reservations, how to make reservations, the reservation fees.  It is very easy to do all of this as I have done it a few times myself.  The TGV (high speed train) in France is wonderful and the site is loaded with pertinent information for travelers.

Eurail Videos offers senior Internet surfers opportunity to see some of the European sites on train routes in many countries on the continent.
Watch the Rail Adventures is another site that provides videos for European train travel.  Be ready as there is some upbeat music with this video.  So seniors, are you ready to “hit the rails?” jeb

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