Senior Travel Like a Localyte

Mar 26th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Spotted by Locals invites seniors to experience cities like a local.  Check out a few of these and if you find that you like the format, go to the main site. 

The Leading Hotels in the World are addressed here.  Whether you’re interested in a weekend getaway or searching for the ideal luxury vacation destination, their highly trained staff are ready to assist you.  Their leading destinations ask you to select a region on the map and then pick the destination.  The little red arrows are hard to find, but just above the horses, press the down arrow.  Up come dozens of destinations.  You have to keep clicking on the arrow to make the sites open.  This is a “loaded” site.  

Travel like a local offers help finding local information in 170 different countries.  You can ask questions and book services on this site.  Choose a country then hone in on a particular area or person to seek advice and information on that location.  Twitter and Facebook become part of this site.  Each day features a “localyte” who generally has a website and lots of information to go with that person’s vitae.  You can ask questions of a particular person in a specific area of the country and receive an answer back.  Que le monde est petit n’est-ce pas?  jeb

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