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Ten Places to Get Lost

Want to really get lost?  Probably not, but if you are adventuresome seniors seeking something new in your travels, check out ten places worthy to be discovered or in which to get “lost.” I’ve located some great spots to have fun as you enjoy the scenic countryside.

Northern California’s Lost Coast
Call it the end of the road. Northern California’s Lost Coast starts where Highway 1—the intrepid highway that fights its way over crumbling cliffs and curving shores for almost 700 miles of Pacific coast—finally gives up, defeated by mountains that rise nearly straight out of the water.

Laurentians, Quebec
Forget the city lights—Montreal’s backyard offers a thousand ways to get lost. Neighboring the metropolis, the Laurentians region, named after the mountain range guarding its northern border, offers three unique paths to leisurely exploration.

Florida’s Forgotten Coast
What better place to get lost than off the beaten path? Florida’s Forgotten Coast stretches languidly over 200 miles of mostly undeveloped Gulf of Mexico coastline. It’s a piece of lost Florida, of white-sand beaches with nary a high rise in sight.

Calakmul, Mexico
Here’s a find: a lost Mayan city that’s still largely undiscovered. Calakmul, located in a remote part of Campeche in Mexico, once rivaled Guatemala’s Tikal in size and importance, but today it is virtually unknown.

Texas Hill Country
Get lost, y’all. That’s the invitation from Texas Hill Country for senior travelers to enjoy a rolling landscape of rugged landscapes, thriving vineyards, and charming towns just west of Austin and north of San Antonio.

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Slow to get lost, slow to get found again. That’s the appeal of Cajun Country. Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, is the gateway to Cajun Country and the perfect place to give in to a slower way of life.

Georgian Bay, Ontario
It’s a land of plenty, and you don’t even have to share. Georgian Bay, on Lake Huron in Ontario, is the world’s largest freshwater archipelago.

Eureka Dunes, California
You’ll need good directions to get lost at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park. Accessible only by dirt roads, the sand dunes rise precipitously out of a remote valley flanked by the towering Last Chance Mountains.

Black Hills, South Dakota
We strongly advise against actually getting lost underground, but there’s nothing like finding yourself adrift in time and space when you’re in a cave and all the lights go out just long enough to feel the thrill. The Black Hills were so-called because of their dark appearance from a distance, they were covered in trees.


Shipshewana and Nappanee Indiana
Sure, there are plenty of country roads on which to lose your way around the Amish village of Shipshewana, but why not mix it up and get lost in another time instead? I’ve been there…awesome.  Back country roads full of Amish farms and horse-drawn buggies.  It too was super, especial the “Threshers Dinner” and superb Amish Cuisine in Nappanee, Indiana. Drive the Heritage Trail and see it all. That’ll keep you on the road and busy for a while seniors. Enjoy them all. jeb

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