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I have heard it said that… “A sunset is twice as beautiful if you can share it with someone else.”  Here is your opportunity seniors.  From number ten to number one in the world.  Perhaps from your experience you can add a few yourself.  Rita Hunter adds her own and states that “To many, watching a sunset creates an almost magical moment. As the sun sets, there are always appreciative exclamations. Although travel magazines and agencies tout far-away locations as the best places to watch a sunset, many of us probably have our own ideas, and they’re not so far from home!”  And only if you wanted to watch some via video, check out this on YouTube.


10. Sentosa Island, Singapore
Sentosa is a small island just off the coast of Singapore easily accessible by both bridges, as well as the more unique experience of being able to take a cable car to the island from an upper floor in a neighboring Singaporean high-rise building. The sunsets here take on a unique beauty as there are dozens of oil refineries in the distance on the horizon, and as the sun dips the smoke from the refineries makes for a dazzling display of color.

 9. Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles
There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset from the Santa Monica Pier. Imagine the setting… waves crashing along the shore, a seal lies on the beach after a long day, a roller coaster, and ferris wheel light up the pier, people are playing miniature golf, skee ball machines make loud noises, and some Asian guy is singing karaoke… all of that coupled with a sun setting into the beautiful Pacific, well you can’t find all of that anywhere else.  

8. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Everything is beautiful at this beach let alone the sunset. After a long day of doing absolutely nothing in the hot sun, a person can come here to relax, sit at a beachside cafe and watch the day turn into night. 

7. The Maldives, Indian Ocean
Now I realize many of you don’t realize where the Maldives are, or what they are. Well I’ll tell you, The Maldives is an island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean famous for its untouched beaches and serene beauty. While the possibility of ever coming here may be a little beyond most people both in imagination and in budget, the sunsets are amazing.

 6. Cape Town, South Africa
There isn’t an experience like watching the sun set on Christmas Eve as you sit on the strand looking at Table Mount in the distance, and reflect upon the long day you spent on the beautiful beach.

 5. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Well, it’s a big canyon, in the middle of a huge desert, which is completely isolated hence the word deserted being a derivative of desert. And when the sun sets here, well the colors are truly amazing.  Arizona is awesome.  The Grand Canyon is a “bucket list” major.

 4. Great Pyramids, Egypt
This is beautiful just to think about. A large red ball of fire dropping below the desert horizon but before it does it stops just long enough to be even with the pyramids and give you that image you’ve been waiting your whole life for.

 3. Serengeti, Tanzania
Pure beauty is the sun setting on the African plains as you watch an antelope herd from the back of a Land Rover. Not many people get to experience that, and if you have, you’re lucky.

 2. Taj Mahal, India
I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever seen a picture of the sun setting just beyond the Taj Mahal, but if they have then they surely understand why it takes such a high spot. There aren’t many places in the world to see such a sight as a sunset like this.

 1. Santorini, Greece
Santorini is the world famous, and most beautiful Greek Island. The island is a volcanic rim overlooking the sea filled caldera. Universally considered the world’s best place to watch the sunset, the northern village of Oia offers spectacular views of the ocean, the island of Los in the distance, and the sun dipping into the Aegean. And take it from me, it is the best place in the world to watch the sunset. Don’t forget your camera.  jeb

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