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As a senior traveler myself, I have always been a little partial to work with Hotwire and/or Here is a nice site by Hotwire called Travel-Ticker. Under the subheadings Ways to Go, Places to Go, Reasons to Go and Savings Searcher you have at your disposal a wide variety of travel options. I will not fill up space here with additional information as you can access this yourself very easily and find some really hot deals using this site.

You sometimes need to play travel agent; it’s a dirty little secret in the airfare search business, but seniors around the world waste millions of their hard earned dollars by overspending on airfare because current airfare search technology is far from perfect. We were reminded of this recently

when we noticed a classic fare war between American and United on routes from each others’ hubs (Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Washington) to Honolulu (both airlines reduced fares to around $420 round-trip including tax, with virtually no restrictions–no minimum stay, no advance purchase travel over a 330-day period).

When I took a travel agent course over a nine-month period, I learned tons about airfares. A most surprising discovery was that there were well over a dozen different airfares for the same seat from Chicago to Orlando. It is most likely that the the person sitting beside you in the plane has a very different ticket charge than you. There are simply so many possibilities; so do your homework and surf around for the best price(s).

Travel and Tour World is the most comprehensive e-magazine in the world travel industry. It is now one of the leading e-publications for travel trade, with news and features read by top-notch travel agents. Of all the travel skills you might acquire, travelling light is the one most likely to result in enjoyable, productive, stress-free travel experiences. But what if you actually wanted to go to Kona, Hawaii, rather than Honolulu, from, say, Miami? Well, all the usual airfare search suspects would have told you that the cheapest way to get there would cost you $688 round-trip including tax (we used travel dates in October in our sample query). Savvy traveler that you are, you know that doesn’t make sense. Surely it doesn’t cost $268 to travel round-trip inter-island. You can read more of this story here.

The adventure trips for seniors outlined on this website have been carefully designed to capture the very best of each destination. They have also been designed and selected specifically for active travelers 50 and over, who would like to combine the excitement of exploring a new destination with the exhilaration that comes from rafting on a jungle river or riding an elephant.  Check out their Trip Index for an exciting senior trip. is an online world travel magazine with opinionated travel articles, reviews of hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas and travel gear accessories to offer inspiration, information and sound advice for the world traveler.  and here is a travel site that will keep you busy surfing for a while with helpful information. It is called Country Watch. The site provides critical country-specific intelligence and data through its suite of products to over 4000 clients including public and private sector organizations with overseas operations and global interests. I again invite you to visit my travel website for a potpourri of information about travel. Enjoy your surfing here.     jeb

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