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The Coolest Hot Springs

Believe it or not but there are senior folks who enjoy jumping from one hot spring to another all over the globe. I thought that it would be nice to follow along with a few of them to see just where they find the very best ones.  I knew from my niece who spent two years in Iceland that there were many there, but where are the other most renown ones?  I thought maybe finding a half dozen to get you started would be nice, but I came up with 16.  I can tell already that they will not fit into just one Jim blog.

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Angela loved this one and why not. This geo-thermal spa holds four million liters of sulfurous hot water which is renewed every 40 hours. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a famous geothermal spa where guests can relax in seawater heated by Mother Nature. A visit to the Blue Lagoon, 40 minutes from Reykjavik,  is an invigorating experience for senior citizens year-round, whether surrounded by snow in the middle of winter, or during the long days of the Icelandic summer. There are also great guided tours to the Blue Lagoon available and Blue Lagoon Hotels nearby.

Seniors Travel to “Hot Creek” For a Hot Spa

Hot Creek, California is properly named.  If you like your hot springs au naturel, head to Hot Creek in the mountains of eastern California. The hot spring is in a remote area not far from the small town of Mammoth Lakes. There are several others that you might want to check out that are quite well-known as well.

Colorado’s Strawberry Park Hot Springs is downright spectacular, fed by the same mineral thermal spring that gave the nearby town of Steamboat Springs its name. Senior bathers enjoy the hot mineral waters in a rustic mountain setting, featuring waterfalls and stone-lined pools heated up to 104 degrees and that’s pretty warm folks.

Japan has had a love affair with its onsen, or hot springs, for thousands of years. Arguably the most famous — and the coolest — is Beppu, on the island of Kyushu where I spent some time. Beppu is both a hot-spring area and the resort town that has grown up around it. Beppu is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country. Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths for seniors to enjoy, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths.

Hot springs in Alaska? Yes! Hot springs don’t get much cooler — literally and figuratively — than Chena Hot Springs, about 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks. Don’t let the Alaska interior location chill your enthusiasm for this toasty outdoor spring.  The natural pool is open year-round and is especially warming on snowy days.

Costa Rica’s La Fortuna district is dominated by the highly active Arenal Volcano, which kindly heats up the underground water for its human neighbors.  Check out a neat resort where you can enjoy the hot springs.

Want to bathe in history?  Try Hieropolis in southwestern Turkey. A spa retreat for millennia, the hot spring here flows into pools that once soothed the ancient Greeks. An absolute must is the so-called “sacred pool”, where fluted columns straight out of a history book lie scattered underfoot in the clear, 95-degree water.

Hungary — particularly the capital, Budapest — has a longstanding tradition of public baths, some of them hundreds of years old. One  favorite is the Széchenyi Baths, an enormous thermal wonderland in the heart of Budapest fed by a pair of hot springs. Enjoy the therapeutic value of soaking in a pool in various parts of the world, where each has its own qualities and where you will find your mind and body rejuvenated, tension drained away and stress gone. jeb

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