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Seniors Get in Line for Cruise Discounts

When it comes to cruises, there is something for every senior: from classic destinations like the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska, to global destinations like the Mediterranean, Hawaii, or more “exotic” locales such as Africa, Antarctica, or the Galapagos Islands. With the convenience of a modern cruise, the world literally awaits you. However, in these difficult economic times, there is something that can make even the most spectacular cruise even better: up to 75% off its price! There is one service that is committed to helping you save—big—on cruises around the globe.  Founded 25+ years ago, Vacations To Go has saved millions of dollars on discount cruises for thousands of travelers just like you.

Cruise lines recognize the value of selling every last cabin, even at a fraction of the regular price. But to protect the full-fare business they receive from traditional travel agents, cruise lines will not allow many of the deals you are about to see to be advertised in newspapers or magazines, or on television.

From time to time, cruise lines will offer senior discounts on select sailings to Vacations To Go customers who are 55 or older on the day of departure. Always tell your Vacations To Go cruise counselor if any member of your party is 55+, so that he or she can compare any age-related discounts that are available to other discounts and find the lowest possible rate. Only one passenger per cabin must be at least 55 in order to gain the discount for everyone in the room. The cruise line will require proof of age in order to qualify for age 55+ discounts.

Presently there is a plethora of cruise lines that want seniors to come and visit their site and to check out their discounts. On this site you can choose a cruise line, choose a region and then from month to another month. Let’s check out the huge “Oasis of the Sea” and all its accoutrements and amenities. Fun huh?

Seniors Discover More on Vacations to Go

Vacations To Go is America’s clearinghouse for deeply discounted cruises. Since its founding in 1984, they have provided more than three million savvy senior shoppers with a dream vacation at a fraction of the regular price. You need to know that last-minute reductions typically occur within 90 days of departure and are most prevalent during the slow season for the particular destination. Potential savings of up to 75% make this a great way to cruise for cost-conscious senior travelers with flexible schedules.

I have friends who used to walk along the various cruise lines at different ports and check out their last-minute discounts.  They did not care where the cruise was headed, they were interested mostly in the highly discounted fares. It seemed to work each time since they always were able to find a super price and a super cruise.

You might find a bargain here among the many ships, length of cruise and the departure port. has listing of their special prices as does Cheap Cruises.  Discount Cruises also has some super deals for you to check out.  Enjoy the ride and especially those good percentage discounts off the brochure rate. jeb

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