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Let’s talk about Senior Citizen Travel Clubs today.  The senior population in the United States is increasing, and with that growth we find travel groups geared to seniors are springing up everywhere. Seniors have more time to travel, are living longer and spend more money on travel than other age groups, it’s understandable why senior travel clubs are flourishing. Travel clubs offer everything from local day trips to traveling overseas. Whether you’re barely in your fifties and have a passion to explore remote African jungles, or in your eighties or older and want a less strenuous trip, senior travel clubs have a trip tailored just for you.

Joining a senior travel club isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to travel in a group and don’t want to drive or worry about how to get there, the benefits are many. Traveling as a group, seniors save money on motels, hotels, buses, trains and boats, as well as airfares. Meeting other seniors is another plus for traveling with a senior group. The socialization aspect of senior traveling clubs is especially a bonus for single seniors. Because many seniors are left as widows and widowers, the chance of meeting someone is greater when you travel with others. Safety is another plus. Senior tours caution tourists of the level of difficulty in walking and climbing, whereas you may not get this warning traveling independently.

Some great tours are available for single women today.  Small, specialized groups are especially attractive for single women. Women looking for travel companions with similar interests often find that taking a trip with a group of women is more fun and less stressful. The tours for women range from high-speed group adventures to relaxing scenic vacation getaways to life-changing cultural immersion travel experiences.

Elder Travel Club specializes in luxury travel (can I go with you?). This site says : “Extensive travel in the country has given us an insider’s knowledge of the destinations we market, and thus our strength has been our ability to customize and tailor make itineraries to suit individual client profiles. With handpicked guides and tour managers, we take care of all the complexities involved in planning a trip and traveling in India and other destinations. We try and blend comfort and luxury with the true spirit of travel – learning and sharing experiences.”

I live in Arizona and there is a senior club here.  This senior travel club specializes in providing affordable prices with exceptional services so that you can have a relaxing, worry-free vacation.  The travel agents cater to your needs and strive to offer the best prices in air tickets, hotels, tours, packages and cruises.

Women over the age of 50 who love to travel and prefer “women only” groups have flocked to the Women’s Travel Club. Membership could be the best $39 you ever invested in a vacation club. Another club here in Arizona is Dr. Jeff Reed’s that focuses on seniors who love to travel together.  Frommers has a nice site for seniors as well. Enjoy the sites below as well.  jeb

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