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Natural Habitat Adventure has lots to offer seniors who are of the “adventurous nature.”  Come join NHA’s world class polar bear tours to see the king of the Arctic in the natural splendor of the great white north. Adventures run from Churchill, Manitoba and offer a glimpse of polar bears as they wait for Hudson Bay to freeze over. Read what it is like to spend a season with the bears on our daily blog and learn more about special Polar Rovers by clicking here.

Because of their reputation for running the finest nature expeditions on the planet, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has selected Natural Habitat Adventures as their exclusive conservation travel provider. You can also watch Beluga Whales dive at the mouth of the Churchill River. River tours also available across to Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site.

The original tundra truck used to view bears was invented 30 years ago. It was a really cool concept that has now been improved upon. Natural Habitat Adventures states, “our partner in Manitoba – a world-renowned specialty vehicle architect and designer – has created a new type of superior vehicle – The Polar Rover – driven by a new and unique drive train that carefully and safely allows us to patrol the tundra with veritably no chance of breakdowns. Additionally, the elite suspension system, created specifically for our vehicles, has improved passenger comfort and ensured the most pleasant polar experience for our guests. All vehicles have flush toilet facilities and offer plenty of heat for comfort. And to find out what makes our polar bear tours so special, read about the Natural Habitat Polar Bear difference! “

Wildlife Jewel of the Arctic Awaits Seniors

The mighty polar bear is widely considered the most intriguing and awe-inspiring of all animals. Even the region that he rules takes his name–the Greek word, arktos, actually means bear. It is because of this amazing animal that we travel to the small grain port of Churchill on the western coast of central Canada’s Hudson Bay, and what we find in this town of nearly 1,000 people is most certainly the wildlife jewel of the Arctic region.

The small town of Churchill is an unassuming place amidst this hustle and bustle of a world. It is Canada’s only main port on the Arctic Ocean, and it is linked to the rest of the country only by the Hudson Bay Railway and by airplane. However, Churchill is significant in that it stands at an ecotone, or the juncture of three different ecologically and geographically defined areas: the boreal forest to the south, the Arctic tundra to the northwest, and the Hudson Bay to the north. It is for this reason that Churchill has maintained its significance through the years.

When the long summer days arrive, the tundra surrounding Churchill, as well as the waters of the Hudson Bay, become home to a wide variety of Arctic wildlife. Beluga whales, caribou, Arctic fox, and nesting shorebirds and seabirds spring to life in the blossoming and food-rich area. But in the fall, the frosty surroundings and local animal inhabitants make Churchill the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”  Still interested? Then send for this free catalog describing all their programs or via.  You’ll love seeing all the polar bears up close and especially in the comfort of NHA’s Polar Rover.  jeb

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