Retirement and Overseas Travel

Dec 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Retiring overseas ( is a thought that more and more folks are having after traveling the world.  You can receive an email from the Top Five Places To Retire Worldwide by contacting: (  


Below are several specific criteria to consider prior to following up on your desire to move overseas: 

– Climate
– Cost of Living
– Visas and Residency Permits
– Health Care and Medical Facilities
– Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Internet, Pollution, Drinking Water etc)
– Safety and Stability
– Expat Community (it’s nice to have friends who you can talk to in your own language!)
– Language Concerns
– Housing and Real Estate
– Possibility for Part-Time or Volunteer Work
– Food
– Availability of Western Goods


Several websites for you to consider are Retired ExPat at (, MNS Money at (, Retire Overseas Now at (, and from eHow we have How to Retire Overseas (  

Retire Abroad ( is an online magazine designed to assist anyone who is planning to retire abroad or is currently living abroad. It includes detailed country profiles, best places to retire, guides to living abroad and retirement, and the personal journal of its expatriate editor.  Each of the aforementioned sites have their merits and are fun to consider, especially if you might be a little interested.  


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