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Seniors Travel to Northern California

You may remember this famous old tune from way back when. I continue to discover many neat places to visit in California, but why not… it is a huge state and hosts a plethora of top notch sites. I receive dozens of travel guides from all over the state and each one beckons seniors to come and visit.

I do enjoy writing travel blogs for seniors like myself who remember static on the radio or TV, snow on their black and white TV screens and if you go back far enough, the Philco round TV tube. When I was young we discovered colored TV…we placed a sheet of plastic over the tube that had blue on the top third, white in the middle and green on the bottom third that automatically turned our TV into a “colored set.”  Remember that too?  If not, okay, just read on and ignore my rabbit trail today.

There’s a best-kept secret in Northern California

In far northern California lies one of the state’s best kept secrets – the Shasta Cascade Region! This region, covering 20% of California, offers unique experiences for just about any senior explorer. Some senior visitors think northern California’s Mount Shasta is one of the world’s most beautiful mountains, so lovely that naturalist John Muir wrote that its beauty…” turned his blood to wine.”

The Shasta Cascade provides something for everyone to discover and enjoy. Senior travelers are invited to enjoy the uncrowded, unspoiled wide open spaces where you will have the chance to explore, reflect, refresh and discover. Start planning your vacation now by exploring the website, calling 1-800-326-6944, or download a neat virtual guide here.

The Shasta Cascade Region

While I have been to Sacramento, the Shasta Cascade Region remains on another of my “bucket lists.” I counted 12 distinct regions which house glistening lake and world-class rivers and scenic drives.  Those backcountry roads will provide something for everyone to discover and enjoy.

The Shasta Cascade Region is located in the northeastern and north-central sections of the state. The area is centered on Mount Shasta in the California Cascade Range, near the Trinity Alps. Mount Shasta is a quiet but scientifically active complex stratovolcano; nearby Lassen Peak has been active as recently as the 20th century.

And a host of neat cities

The civic “capital” of the Shasta Cascade area is Redding; other cities and towns are Alturas, Biggs, Chico, Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta, Red Bluff, Oroville, Weed, Fall River Mills, Burney, and Yreka. California for Visitors has articles and information about the entire region. Redding boasts that it is the “Second Sunniest City in the US” with over 250 beautiful days a year. Where is #1 anyhow?  Maybe here in the Valley.

Things For Seniors To See and Do in Northern California

The Shasta Cascade Region is a gateway to outdoor adventure, with towering mountains, pristine lakes and rivers, cascading waterfalls, seven National Forests, eight National and State Parks, and thousands of acres of wilderness.  I did not know of this honor but there are 42 All-American Roads in the country and the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway connects Lassen Volcanic Park in N. California and Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon.

Are you a “climber?” Then here is an epic two day ascent of a 14,000 ft. California volcano that will cost you just $15 for a summit pass.  Parking is free.

Check out a neat B&B, an elegant resort or a fine hotel

You will not find elegant, luxurious resorts that are a destination themselves but you will find some charming bed and breakfast inns and small older hotels oozing with character. This region is vast and the geography ranges from volcanic, Lassen Peak, considered an active volcano, to heavily forested.

Virtual Tourist has a nice Travel Guide for Mount Shasta with a listing of Things to Do as well as some great places for senior citizens to sit down to fine cuisine. Here is a Fun Guide that may provide just what you senior hikers are looking for.  The “Official Visitors Guide” for the region is what I have in my hands as I blog.  The 69-page guide is interactive and seniors will enjoy flipping through the pages and filling in your  itinerary for Shasta Cascade.  Have fun in northern California. jeb

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