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Seniors Search for Help Making Travel Easier

I enjoy searching for aids that will make any trip more enjoyable for seniors, and easier to be sure that all goes well. Myself, I just booked a flight to Chicago using Hotwire.  I have a long listing of various booking resources however I find Hotwire a little easier to use than others. If you have never used my Best Travel Websites page, give it a shout sometime. For those “Biggies” as I call them, try one of them to simplify your searching.

Helpful aids for those on the road

Most of us have a cell phone and I enjoy getting to know my iPhone 4s better and better, and the, get this.. 675,000 apps that come with it. The top four cell phones now are the Apple iPhone4s, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the HtC One 9 and the Nokia Lumia 800 according to Travel & Leisure. They suggest that we check out Kayak, TripIt, Bing Travel, Momondo, MileWise, Seat Guru, Skycraper and CruiseFinder to help with planning our itineraries. You can GOOGLE each of those and check out their apps. For finding out where to stay, try TripAdvisor, Priceline (I love this one), Hipmonk, Room 77 (that’s a new one for me), Airbnb, Love Home Swap and Home Away.  For getting there use iFly, The Weather Channel, Waze (another new one), Flight, Google Maps or  TomTom that runs on your iPad and iPhone.

Some roaming tips

Even sending a short e-mail while abroad can cost plenty. Check out these three resources to keep the cost down. Both ATT&T and Verizon offer months roaming packages.  Some flights now charge for using their Wi-Fi.  Boingo Wireless and FON both suggest means to access thousands of free and Wi-Fi zones worldwide. JiWire’s WiFi Finder points seniors to those hot-spots. Seniors can also buy or rent a portable hot-spot device such as the Verizon Jetpack and a XCom Global.  A third option is to get a local phone or SIM card for your phone. and can help you with those purchases.

Just a tap away

If you find just one or two of these many suggestions helpful, then my blog is worthwhile for both of us. I find that I can leave my guidebooks at home for an upcoming trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest as the guides are all on my iPhone 4s with maps, suggested walks, many photos, setting up an itinerary and much more.  Those destination tips are just a tap (or click) away. Triposo, Yelp, Foodspotting, Foursquare, Gogobot, Skype and Instagram can each make your trip planning more complete and fun.  Enjoy your surfing each of these. And remember to take your charger with you and the right adapter and transformer. This is the one I bought for my daughte . There is a BIG difference between the two as a participant on one of my trips abroad discovered with her hair curler. It melted her hair to the curling iron.  My wife had to cut it out with scissors.  Ouch huh?  jeb

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