Overseas Travel Suggestions Make for Happier Vacations for Seniors

Feb 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Some of us senior citizens need assistance figuring out what we need to take on an overseas trip.  The usual stuff like meds and our favorite cremes and lotions is easy.  But what else will make the trip more comfortable?  eHow.comhas a nice website for senior citizen travel aids and suggestions for all types of travel.  Rica Lewis focuses on helpful travel aids that can help seniors find traveling less chaotic and more pleasurable.  She suggests several smart and handy objects that can make travel easier. And what about travel insurance?  eHow’s page, How to Get Senior Citizen Travel Insurance, provides answers to all those questions about travel insurance that is designed for senior citizens.


Smarter Travel has a page that features Editor’s Picks on Airfare Deals. Suggestions include travel on American Airlines to Barcelona, Milan, Zurich, Paris, London, or Frankfurt starting at $510 round-trip.  American’s sale fares are valid on flights departing from Boston or Washington, D.C. If you’re interested in this sale, but aren’t from the Boston or Washington, D.C., areas, look into connecting fares from your city. These fares could be your ticket to taking advantage of the European low season. Travel is valid through late April.


And some of us seniors just don’t know where we want to go next.  Looking for a great place to relax and have fun? Travel and vacation magazines offer great ideas on where to spend your free time. For senior citizens (and everyone else!), there’s a travel and vacation magazine that will help you find the place that suits you best.  The link provides a list of several online magazines you may enjoy reading. 

Another site for those of you wondering about where you want to go next is There Are Places; this site can help better acquaint you with many popular destinations throughout the world.  They have lots of information and photos to accompany their site that may be helpful as you make your choices.  If you need help with figuring out how to plan a great vacation  Things Travelers Need to Know is a helpful resource on There Are Places site.jeb

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