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The Best Places to Travel In Europe owner Patrick M. Lind writes “Oftentimes, the most popular places in Europe (e.g. Paris, London, Rome) are not the best to visit because of the number of tourists that fill the streets, restaurants and hotels. To truly experience European cultures and lifestyles, and see the best the continent has to offer, visitors must look beyond the primary cities and attractions and discover the aspects of smaller, yet intriguing, towns.”

For European Vacation Planning, Europe travel includes the planning that must be done before you go on that European vacation. Find information here on obtaining a passport, staying healthy, making sure your electronics will work in Europe, language help, currency, and how to save money planning your Europe vacation.  You will also find links to categories such as What to do in Europe (You can be an independent traveler or go on a tour, but perhaps there are other options you’d like to consider. Perhaps you’d like to take a cooking school vacation, or volunteer on an archaeological excavation. Maybe you’d like to tour an auto museum or take a Parisian sewer tour).   There is a section on European clothing sizes…wow I take a size 46 shoe, how about that?  A couple of other helpful bits of information on this site include travel maps and photography that makes one think about actually seeing what is featured.

Distinctive Travel International is the global expansion of an established travel company which has been creating customized journeys since 1985.  They created Distinctive Travel International because their clients’ experiences with them have been so extraordinary and they were asked to craft travel tours for them around the world.  They specialize in customized, guided tours for people who have their own agenda.  Their clients usually prefer to stay in boutique hotels, haciendas, riads, private villas, kasbahs and other unique, high quality hotels.  Does this fit your mold? 

Gridskipper is a sort of a weird name, but they sure do have some neat programs in Paris, London and Berlin.  They have an urban travel guide and a Weblog about several major cities around the world. Their Travel Blog is frequently updated with tips on hip hotels, chic shopping, cheap flights, and odd destinations and ways to get there.

Reids Guide is geared toward preparing for and booking a European vacation; most of it applies to planning any trip—whether it be how to find the cheapest airfare or how and what to pack.

I love this site called Travelistic Videos of Europe as it provides hundreds of videos on European countries.  There is nothing quite like seeing a video to tantalize a traveler into wanting to visit one country or another.  A few examples for you to check out on the site are:

My Travel Guide for Europe has Europe Travel Guides, Europe Hotel Reviews and Information, Top Europe Hotels, Top Europe Attractions, and Top Europe Restaurants.

EuropeBy.Com can help you with hotels and resorts, travel guides and other destinations. is a powerful site with lots of information of all kinds. You may browse topics such as:

You may sign up for James Martin’s  European Travel News Newsletter by registering your email address.  He further adds the Top Places to See and Best Places to Stay.  He writes “If it’s your first trip to Europe you’ll want to hit the high spots. Just keep in mind that what’s ‘best’ for you depends upon what you really like to do or see. Here are some very popular places to go and things to do in Europe sprinkled with some of my favorite off the beaten track destinations.” Enjoy them all. 

Go There Guide to Europe is a free online travel guide which will take you to the most exiting cities and places in the world. Join an exciting journey visiting top travel destinations including London, Paris, Rome, New York, Las Vegas, Toronto, San Francisco, Florence, Venice, Barcelona, Salzburg, Munich, Edinburgh, Niagara Falls, Montreal and many more.

Travel Phrase can provide you with a wide array of phrases that you will find useful in traveling to Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Sweden.  I would suggest you print off a copies and carry them with you.  They might come in very handy, especially for medical care, in restaurants, for money matters, passport customs, and of course food and drink.  It is nice site.  Their French site reads “Useful phrases to help you flirt in French. Learn French phrases to seduce that special person on your next trip. French is the language of love and these are your crib notes to flirting in French.”  Who knows? jeb

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