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Do some “Honing” in with GORP and hone in on the craziest, most extreme, and most remote trips across the globe.  Take a look at their Top Ten Extreme Adventures.  This one: Diving with Hammerheads and Whale Sharks in the Galapagos, just doesn’t look like one my wife would take too easily.  Me either quite frankly.  How about:  Amazon Jungle Trek and Survival Training? “You’ll be toting a 50-pound pack with a machete and survival gear but, oddly, no food.”  The NO FOOD part turned me off to this “adventure,” and besides, I do not like to eat bugs!

Ten Best, Trusted Advice for Travelers lets seniors browse through travel guides online.  The site is well done.  I choose to explore Santiago, Quito, Frankfurt and Athens and found lots of helpful information on each city.  This site is a REAL FIND.  I came across it by accident.  But then, with the Internet, you can find almost everything you will ever need to search for.

i-escape features hip hideaways and boutique hotels.  Their favorite things to do include:

California – New!  Namibia – New!  Argentina | Australia | Berlin | Bali | Brazil | Cambodia | Caribbean | Costa Rica | Chile | Croatia | Czech Rep. | France | Greece

Online Travel Videos from Around the World for Travelers gives seniors opportunity to  explore 9721 travel videos from around the world.  The site calls itself “the best travel video site on the web.”  Thus this site has to come up with some super videos… and it does.  I chose New Zealand, as I would like to visit both the North and South Islands as a 50th wedding anniversary present to my wife.  Come and check it out with me.  New Zealand’s far away location ensures that its natural beauty is protected from the hordes of tourists who would overwhelm this place if it was easy to get to.

New Zealand’s greatness has been exposed to the world by movies like Lord of the Rings but, surprisingly, few people make their way down there. But, with tons of places and activities to check out, New Zealand is clearly worth any journey.  “A planner for travel to the uttermost end of the earth” is available at and a New Zealand Tourist Guide provides thousands of accommodations, attractions and tours. Some additional fun-sounding tours are described as well.  You can Order FREE BROCHURES directly from the suppliers in the list provided. You can also contact the suppliers to ask a question or inquiry about availability. jeb

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