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Senior world travelers need some resources prior to traveling if they hope to be able to navigate on their own.  They need enough command of the language to be able to ask for basic needs, including ‘Where is the WC?’  A good starter site for this has a series for you to check out as well.

I caution you.  In another country a “bathroom” may only be a lavatory and a sink and not a toilette.  If a WC is what you want be clear on this.  In many countries you may not simply go into a restaurant, a café or a business and ask to use the facility.  A friend recently told me that he had to go badly so he sat down, ordered coffee and then searched out the WC which is often found on the lower level or up above the establishment.  Most often you will see a sign indicating where it is.

And with this site, you not only will hear a lady or a man say what you type on the screen, you will also see them in person.  I do love this site too.  Type in “I want to go to the hotel” and I need to go to the bank” just as you did above.  You can even choose 14 different male voices in Spanish.  Now choose French.  You will have ten choices of different voices here.   Wow, 19 different languages.  Listen to the same phrase in Italian or Portuguese or take your pick.

Visual Link Spanish provides seniors with super beginner lessons for learning how to say the expressions I want, I need and adding TO GO and then a series of places. For instance, I want to go to the hotel (Quiero ir  al hotel) and I need to go to the bank (Necesito ir al banco).  You hear it all very slowly and in good Spanish complete with animated graphics.  This site can help you increase your vocabulary in several languages.  It is well done, colorful and I like it, even though they would like you to buy something, but this part is totally FREE.   Try it and have fun if you have never learned any Spanish.  You will be able to say quite a few things with only a few minutes practice.

Here is a little video review for seniors in French as well.  It is from the BBC and let’s you practice in several languages.

Learn SpanishRomance can help you learn Spanish online and provides a wide series of available lessons.  FreeTranslation is one of my all-time favorite translation sites and I have many on my BEST SPANISH WEBSITES that is now approaching 3 million page visits.  Check it out at as well as the 14 languages at: jeb

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