Health and Wellness on the High Seas: Cruises for Seniors

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Long gone are the days when senior cruises were marked by shuffleboard and awkward socials. Now, on a health and wellness cruise, you can participate in yoga classes and acupuncture sessions, embrace new meditation techniques or just spend some time relaxing by the pool. Strengthen your body, challenge your mind and soothe your soul in these ways:

Beauty and Fitness

Most cruise lines offer some type of health and wellness activities on their voyages. For example, Celebrity Cruises offers seminars on acupuncture, yoga, skin care and healthy eating. It has developed a program called “Eat This, Not That” based on the best-selling books of the same name, and if you want to try something new, “Chilates” combines meditation with Pilates.

Cruises typically offer a variety of dance classes (think jazz, zumba and ballroom) and group workouts like cycling. They also offer seminars on topics such as how to boost your metabolism or how to make your skin look younger.

Holistic Journeys

For those who truly want to embrace their holistic side, cruise lines offer holistic journeys that offer the chance to meet like-minded healthy passengers while learning more about living a healthy lifestyle. On a holistic cruise, you may get to enjoy a plant-based macrobiotic diet while attending yoga workshops and sipping organic wines. With more than 100 classes to choose from, these cruises can be an invaluable learning opportunity for everyone, from the novice to the expert.

Mind, Body and Soul

According to, many cruises have activity menus that will appeal to your mind, body, and soul. On these specialty cruises, you can take relationship seminars or try a tai chi class. You can enjoy a guided walk amidst beautiful scenery when the ship is at port, or you can search for your inner artist at a sketching class while on the high seas.

A Multitude of Destinations

There’s something to be said for the stunning beauty of cruise ship destinations and the ability of these breathtaking panoramas to sooth your soul. Those who enjoy crisp blue skies and snow-capped mountains may enjoy an Alaskan cruise, while those who want warm water and exotic locales should explore an Asian or Caribbean Cruise. Still others may enjoy the moody skies of a Pacific cruise or the cultured offerings of a European cruise. No matter where you choose to visit, it’s sure to ignite your sense of wonder and awe.

Maria Cox: Maria is a retired schoolteacher and enjoys writing about education when she isn’t traveling the country to visit her grandchildren.

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