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I have said for years as an educator that every child should experience DC before they turn 21.  I know from my own experience at the age of 21 how impressed I was with our federal government. It sure helped as well to have been given a private tour by our congressman at that time, Chuck Grassley.  You can contact your congressman and ask for a similar tour as well.  It sure brings more life and interest to your visit. So this post today is for grandparents who enjoy traveling with their grandkids, or at the least can share travel information with them. Not only are these attractions fun and (shhhh) educational, they’re especially magical through the eyes of a child (and seniors). 

Two years ago, Yahoo Travel picked the American landmarks every kid should see, from Ellis Island to Redwood National Park. Their new and improved 2011 lineup takes that challenge even further, by highlighting how some of our country’s top sights cater to kids’ abbreviated attention spans. From roasting marshmallows around a campfire to playing dress-up at Monticello, these cool, interactive activities ensure that the younger set will enjoy these must-see spots as much as their parents and grandparents do.  Old Faithful is not the same in a photo as it it is person, is it?  Seniors are invited to visit each as well, even on your own if your children and grandchildren are unable to accompany you. More than likely if you have kept up with my daily blog, you have already witnessed many of these yourself.

Grand Canyon (Ariz.)

The National Mall (D.C.) 

Redwood National Park (Calif.)

Ellis Island (N.Y.) 

Niagara Falls (N.Y.) 

Yellowstone National Park (Wyo., Mont., and Idaho) 

Colonial Williamsburg (Va.)

Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve (Idaho)

Independence Hall (Penn.)

Alcatraz Island (Calif.)  

Having visited most of these, I wanted to expand the list a little. So, while researching this site I came across a great aid for seniors specifically catering to senior’s taste called Best Senior Travel Websites by Transitions Abroad.  Each is reviewed by Senior Travel Editor Alison Gardner.  The URL has articles, tours, programs, volunteer vacations, publications and more. 

Senior Travel Websites will keep you busy for some time as the list is quite long.  And here is a new one called Third Age Travel.  It is a resource guide with an on-line community, travel companions matching service, feature stories and travel related subjects geared to seniors. And how about a name like PoshNosh? Well, Senior Women’s Travel, features trips for 50+ women with a passion for travel. I’ll depart today with just those.  Enjoy your surfing.  jeb

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