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Seniors, if you’re looking for great vacation spots and getaways, you have come to the right place. 2HaveFun is a site to browse for the latest in fun things to do in the US. Let’s start off with one that many seniors fear at first but come out loving the experience… Hot air ballooning.  Listed below are a few more that I have selected from their long list of categories.  The author of 2HaveFun enjoys personalizing each of the fun experiences.

 Hot Air Ballooning

If you have never been hot air ballooning before, it can be one of the most romantic and awe inspiring moments of your life. Check out the growing list of places to go on a hot air balloon ride in cities throughout the US. There are literally thousands of hot air ballooning providers throughout the country, and many of them are piloted by experts who have been flying for years. With so many to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one. Well, 2HaveFun did the research, compared the prices, read the reviews, and helped decide which ones were the best to visit based on a variety of criteria.

Wineries in The US

Experience great wine tasting and maybe discover a new favorite with these great wineries in the US. There are literally thousands of them scattered around the country.  The wineries on the list are broken into regions and popularity, since it’s impossible to name all of them throughout the country.  If you have never been to the Napa Valley, I can highly recommend it.  It is awesome. (jeb)

Top Vacation Spots for Couples

Many times couples are looking for the best places to just getaway and have fun. With so many places to choose from, where should you go?  If you’re looking to see the top vacation spots for couples, you need to first figure out if you want a fun outgoing type of destination, or a romantic, peace and quiet type getaway. A lot of choosing a great vacation destination for you and your loved one will depend on whether or not you’re looking for something different, something you and your significant other have never done before. But you can never go wrong with these choices when planning a romantic getaway for couples.

Day Spas Florida
The perfect way to relieve your stress is with a day spa, and this site has a list of the best day spas in florida. Check out the growing directory of Romantic Spas in Florida as well as cheap vacation spots in florida. 

Travel articles listings for many states can help you choose where you want to go and what you want to see.  If you enjoy reading travel brochures as I do, you can pick the ones you want sent to you using this URL and they are all free. is a another great discovery for seniors as it pinpoints regions, categories and specifically what you prefer doing on a trip.  For the WORKS and 2HaveFun’s home-base divided into sections you can spend many hours just surfing travel destinations. jeb

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