For Senior Travelers: An Invitation to Visit Arizona

Apr 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

I invite you to come to the Valley of the Sun and to enjoy all the wonderful perks that the area and Arizona has to offer.  My wife and I have been coming to Phoenix from the Midwest for several years because of our family here. 

We live in Fountain Hills which is just to the east of Phoenix and is properly named because of the “world class fountain” and many desert hills.  Scottsdale is just to the west of where we live and Shea Boulevard connects us directly to many of the Valley’s main attractions.  The Valley is called the “Valley of the Sun” because the sun shines more than 300 days a year.  Many “snowbirds” leave the Valley at the end of April and have a regular migrant iterinary back to Minnesota, Canada, Wisconsin and parts north of Arizona. 

Here you will see many license plates from many states and provinces to the north.  With the wonderful climate during the winter months, one can see why so many “snowbirds” come south to Arizona in the winter.  Housing here is expensive, however you can find furnished apartments and condos for lease for reasonable cost with a little  help from your computer and rental listings.   

Arizona has much to offer.  We have the most beautiful flag and the most beautiful sites to visit in the entire USA.  If you have never been to the Grand Canyon you have missed a major site in your life.  The saguaro cactus are well worth the visit in themselves; they dominate the Sonoran Desert.  You can spend a lifetime studying the 2,500 plants that dot the desert down here as well.  The rattlesnakes are out now.  We just moved and the movers “moved out” a 3 footer just in front of our door.  They captured the snake and simply tossed him out in the desert and asked him to “keep away from our front door.”  Of course we have our share of scorpions too but only one is really dangerous…the bark scorpion… the only one that can climb.   

From my personal experiences I would suggest that you not miss the following. 

On this site you can send for a FREE ARIZONA VISITOR’S GUIDE.  I will not provide you with a ton of links here because the guide can help you along very well with places to visit, things to do, hotels & lodging, events calendar and additional travel information.  Here are two other links including Places to Visit in Arizona and Arizona Vacations.  Check them out!    

Drop in and see me at Taliesin Westwhere I am a guide.  That is Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter campus for his school of architecture; it is a major attraction in the region.  Lastly Wikipedia can provide you with “more info that you can digest” on Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun.  I hope to see you soon. jeb

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