Flying Abroad for Senior Citizens

Dec 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Flying for long hours presents its own set of potential problems for Senior Citizens.  I have some suggestions to address the possibilities.

Eagle Creek Ear Planes retail for around $6-7 and relieve painful ear discomfort, clogging, popping and hearing loss which occurs during take off and landing. With an exclusive CeramX filter that regulates air pressure you don’t worry about anything being injected into your ear. Ear Planes are a filter and not a treatment. Recommended by doctors and tested by U.S. Navy pilots, Ear Planes have provided relief for long suffering travelers with a history of sinus and/or ear problems.  I have used them and they work very well. 

And remember that the first thing you do on an airplane is kick off your shoes.  This will keep your circulation running well in your legs and feet…,and besides, it feels good.   Slippers are not a bad idea either.

Other ideas for in-flight and in-room planning:]

  • A dark colored travel mask is also a great aid in the airplane and even in hotels where lighting may be a problem. 
  • If you plan to carry a cell phone that has international capabilities, you will want a recharger.  Be sure that you purchase a converter and not an adapter. 
  • In today’s world you will want to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer.  Be sure to use it often and especially before meals and after having touched articles in the hotel room.  It has been found that a TV control is the worst carrier of bacteria in a hotel room and the phone is not much better. 
  • Some experienced travelers carry their own toilet paper as the paper you might find in many hotels abroad is of a very poor quality. 
  • A neck pillow is also a handy aid, especially in a bus. 
  • Disposable wipes are easy to carry and come in handy for spills and clean up after handling something dusty, dirty or unsanitary.  
  • My daughter and I were advised to carry two spoons for eating yoghurt or ice cream while abroad.  
  • Be sure get up and move around occasionally to prevent leg cramps.

A tough one to overcome in long haul travel is jet lag (also often written as jetlag).  It is a common sleep disorder and, most importantly, it is a symptom, or set of symptoms, and not a disease. When we talk about a jet lag remedy or a jet lag cure therefore we are not talking about overcoming jet lag directly, but are looking at treating the underlying cause or causes.  Check out JetZone as it is a homeopathic combination for the temporary relief of the disruptions in circadian rhythms and fatigue associated with jet lag from flying and the symptoms of insomnia, exhaustion, irritability and anxiety.  Flight Spray is another remedy to consider.  It is an all natural nasal hydration spray; the humidity in an airplane is ZERO percent (0%).  No wonder your nose is dry and you can’t breathe well.  

There are dozens more great ideas to help make your travel more enjoyable and I will think up a few more in my next blog.  jeb

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