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Dec 31st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Today I want to share with you some super means of searching for the best hotel, airline, rental cares, vacations and cruises on the Internet.  You have probably heard of several of these; however, I want to expand on a few and give you some insights that I have gained from using them. 


Leading all of them in my view is  I chose Priceline because it is easy to use, reliable and the prices are among the best I have found.  You may search for flight only, flight + hotel or flight, hotel + car.  For sake of example select Hotels on this site.  Choose a city, a date that just might work for you, rooms, etc. and hit the SEARCH button.  You will see a nice colorful selection of hotels.  Note the NAME  YOUR OWN PRICE to the right.  Click it on.  It’s okay to do all this as nothing will be charged against you.  Choose an area and note that most often the 4-Star Deluxe hotels are the best deal.  I recently offered $75 at a Wyndham in Chicago and got it.  The regular prices range around $150 per night.  A month earlier we stayed at a Red Roof Inn in the same area on the Miracle Mile (Chicago) for $125+.  What a deal, huh? We also stayed at the famous Palmer House for $75.  Be aware that once you “lock in” and have named your price, you would pay by providing your credit card information, you are locked in and can not change the deal.  So be careful and go slowly and be aware what you are doing. LAX has 192 hotels on Priceline. ORD gave me 143 choices and JFK 66 hotels.  The best deals are at hotels like the Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Omni, Intercontinental and Hilton, all very nice hotels.  4-Star hotels offer beautifully furnished guest rooms and additional amenities to make your stay more comfortable.


Expedia came up with 586 hotels for Chicago.  Many had “special offers” going on or discounts.  Last Minute Deals on Expedia can provide some excellent prices.   I found the Inn of Chicago (a very nice hotel) for only $69.  Expedia also offers some terrific Vacation Packages and Cruises all over the world. 


Travelocity and Hotwire and Orbitz offer similar trip aids.  Booking Buddy searches over 140 travel sites by clicking on a logo and finds the best prices. 


My daughter is an expert at finding great deals on travel via the Internet.   She likes Last Minute Travel and Travelzoo.  Myself, I have not used either, so judge for yourself.  There are so many types of  “travel deals” on the Internet that they all can’t be mentioned here.  Among my favorite travel references is a site by Peter Greenberg, my travel hero.  His travel page goes far beyond what I have to offer you here and you might just end up spending a couple of hours with Peter as he has a wonderful site.  But do come back as I have more to share!  Thanx.  


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