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If you have followed my senior travel blogs very long you well know that one of my heros is Peter Greenberg.  Peter Greenberg is America’s most recognized, honored and respected front-line travel news journalist. He is Travel Editor for CBS News, and appears on The Early Show and across many CBS broadcast platforms..
This guy travels more, knows more about travel and provides super helpful travel advice on his websites. One specific site is dedicated to seniors.  More here on Travel Tips that seniors will find very useful from Peter.

How many of you have gone on vacation to Costa Rica, Panama, or even Arizona, and decided that you could spend the rest of your life there? It’s not the ideal way to pick a place to retire, but there are ways to plan for it.  When you get caught up in the excitement of vacation, it’s impossible to weigh the pros and cons of a community.  International Living, a resource for living and traveling overseas, hosts several retirement tours a year.  Upcoming trips include Ecuador and Panama, where you can learn about the area and attend seminars on investment, real estate and dealing with the red tape of living abroad. 

But watch out. Some companies that claim to be retirement specialists are nothing more than real estate offices looking for a hard sell. Make sure your tour doesn’t just involve sightseeing and visiting properties.  Ask the right questions. What medical facilities are nearby?  What’s the median age? Is there quality public transportation? Do your own research. Talk to other ex-pats and join online communities to learn from those who have been there.  If you’re itching to go now, consider an extended-stay hotel and spend a few weeks or months without having to make a commitment. 

There is a complete section on Senior Travel on the Internationl Living site that offers very helpful information for Baby Boomers looking to retire overseas.  Looking for more advice? Click here for more Daily Travel Tips.     jeb

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