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Travelers Vote on Favorites

Here they are, seniors, the final winners sifted from more than 8 million votes cast in the annual Readers’ Choice Awards survey. These awards reflect the combined opinions of 28,876 Condé Nast Traveler readers rating the cities, islands, and hotels they visited in the past year, and the airlines and cruise ships they traveled with. For starters Condé-Nast lists their 2011 reader’s choice awards for the Top Islands in the world. The islands are listed by areas of the world such as Asia, Canada, the Caribbean/Atlantic, Europe, Oceana and the US. Perhaps you have already seen some of these firsthand and will tend to agree with their listing.

This is a fun site as you can view slide shows and see travel guides on many of these retreats. The Maldives rate #1 with Conde Nast and when you view the slide show you will see why. The top 100 Hotels are listed…all 100 with slide shows to be viewed on several.  How about the top cities?  Which ones would be your top one or two?  Again Conde Nast goes by the same areas as listed above and rating first are Cape Town, Kyoto Japan, Québec City, Buenos Aires, Florence, St. Miguel de Allende and Sydney. For the top city in the US…it was Charleston, SC.  San Francisco came in second and Santa Fe, NM third. I certainly have to agree with the US choices.

Experienced Senior Travelers Make Good Choices

When seniors choose a cruise line for their vacation, they appreciate hearing from reliable sources which ship lines rate very high and treat passengers as special guests. This listing rates ships by size.  Then readers selected their favorites among the major airlines in the world. #1 was Singapore Airlines followed by Virgin and then Emirates.  I have heard great things about those three as well as Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand. Spas, ski lodges, beach destinations-whatever kind of escape you want, these are the resorts the readers selected.

So how did they do this?  The Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Survey, begun in 1988, is available to all readers through a secure Web site. This year’s final tabulations of 28,876 responses were done by Global Market Insite, Inc., of Boston. The online questionnaire contains lists of candidates in various categories (Cities, Hotels, etc.). Individual candidates are judged by relevant criteria for each. Those that receive a required minimum number of responses are deemed eligible for a Readers’ Choice Award. Each candidate is rated, criterion by criterion, on a five-point scale: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Those scores, which represent the percentage of respondents rating a candidate excellent or very good, are averaged to determine the final score published here. For example, the Park Hyatt Seoul’s rating, 95.2, is the average of its scores for all hotel criteria: Food/Dining, Location, Overall Design, Rooms, and Service. Enjoy surfing these magnificent travel destinations and means of enjoying each.  jeb

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