Best Travel Websites for Senior Citizens

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Consumer Research has come up with a nice listing of the Best Travel Websites.  No big surprises for seniors and I do concur.  The Best Travel Search Engine remains  By a large margin, most reviewers identify as the best site to begin researching travel options.Reviewers and users agree that is the best resource for finding the cheapest air, hotel, cruise and car rental prices. Booking sites search only their own databases, but includes more than 200 booking and service-provider websites, including some international ones. One interesting tool lets you see the best fares for similar routes searched by other visitors; you can also receive daily or weekly email alerts if prices change for designated routes and destinations. You can’t book travel through, and occasionally the price for the travel you select may not be available when you go to purchase it at a booking or service provider’s site. Travel and Leisure concurs.

The Best Airfare Tracking site is  Although is limited to searching for flights and hotels, it earns attention for doing something no other search-only site does — tracking flights after the tickets have been purchased. is a fare-tracking site that helps users find low airfares and hotel rates. Unlike other travel sites, continues to track prices after you’ve already purchased your ticket. If the fares in any part of your itinerary drop sufficiently after booking to offset any change or cancellation fees, will notify you so you can obtain refunds or credits on the difference. isn’t a booking site, and it can’t help you get a refund or credit on seats purchased through other booking sites — you have to book directly through the airline to be eligible. If you want to search on rental cars, cruises and vacation packages, experts recommend, which uses the same flight search engine as

Best for Discounted Rooms is When it comes to booking a hotel, experts say the 130.000 worldwide properties available through are unmatched by or any other site. This site also allows users to search by landmark or address. offers numerous filters to narrow down these properties to the ones with the price, location and hotel rating you seek. You can also consult hundreds of guest reviews and ratings for most properties. Should you find a lower price online within 24 hours of booking, will refund you the difference. Kiplinger concurs and has come up with 24 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money.

Lastly, the Best for Traveler Review is  Again, no surprise here. Although users can’t book flights or reservations through, it’s one of the most popular sites for reviews of hotels and attractions. Experts and amateurs alike appreciate the huge archive of reviews on this travel site, and say that the accompanying photographs and ranking system come in handy when choosing which hotels and attractions to book in advance. Most also point out, however, that a critical eye is needed when evaluating certain glowing reviews, as many could be fake. Click Factor: With more than 35 million user-generated reviews—featuring text, guest-uploaded photos, and percentage of positive recommendations—TripAdvisor is a great pre-booking resource. A typical hotel profile has lots of options, including reviews (sortable by date, ratings, and even type of traveler), rates, information about other hotels in the same neighborhood, and special discounts.  Do check them out.  jeb

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