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Unusual Opportunities for Senior Travelers

I enjoy searching for the best way to find unique, insider travel experiences, worldwide and recently came across three that I think seniors adventurers will enjoy checking out.

CanaryHop is a marketplace for activities, tours, lessons and experiences.  With CanaryHop seniors can experience the world. The creators connect seniors who are looking for a tour of a city, want to learn a new talent, or are interested in discovering new activities with incredible tour guides and activity providers. They claim to be the one stop activity site for everything you want to do in a city, whether you live there or are just visiting for the first time. In cities across the globe, like Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Sydney, and Beijing, CanaryHop offers seniors the most simple to the most unique activities on a lifelong wish list.

So you are invited to become a “Canary.” A Canary could be a tour guide, a local, someone with a special talent, a person who is passionate about their community, an expert at something, or a teacher.  Or you are invited to become a “Hopper”.  A senior who is looking for someplace to go or something to do.  FAQs for future Canaries and Hoppers may be of interest to you.

Vayable is a marketplace to find things to do on vacation, such as tours and activities offered by trusted, local experts. They make it fun and easy for adventurous senior travelers to find unique travel experiences with great people.  Why follow the crowds, visit tourist traps, and see the same sights as everyone else?  A Vayable guide can show you the hidden secrets that only locals know. So whether you’d like to take a sailboat tour, hike to a secluded waterfall, or explore the mysteries of Egypt, Vayable can help seniors plan a trip like no other. Let Vayable help you decide where to go on vacation!

Gidsy Invites Seniors to “Do Something Different”

Gidsy invites senior travelers to explore, book & organize unique things to do. Gidsy is Berlin-based startup that allows locals to offer travel experiences such as tours and teaching to tourists. For example, a photographer might offer a camera walking tour around their city, a cook might offer lessons in creating chutney or a supper club experience or a crafter might show you how to make a pipe.

Founded by a coffee geek, a design geek and a tech geek, today Gidsy is spreading like wildfire.  Think off the beaten path walking tours guided by locals, nature hikes with wild cavemen and cooking classes hosted by professional chefs. Gidsy’s goal is to make it easy as possible for seniors to find things to do, whether you are looking for a private guide to show you around local art spaces or take you mushroom picking in the forest. The community of organizers will try to ensure you will have a fantastic experience.

Creating a listing is free and only takes 5 minutes. Interested?  Meet the folks behind Gidsy and read some of the press that find the team to be well experienced and ready to provide a unique experience for seniors all over the globe.  jeb

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