Best Islands in the World for Senior Retirement

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Hey senior…ditch the watch. Forward your mail. And don’t worry about the bank account. If moving to an exotic island has been one of those things that you have (big sigh) always dreamed about, here’s some good news: It’s not that hard to do. On some islands, you can still buy a bit of paradise for less than it might cost for a summer rental in the Hamptons. Internet access is (fairly) reliable, the natives are friendly and the governments are stable. If you do get island fever, there are cities less than 60 minutes away. So what are you waiting for? The hardest thing might be choosing which island to call home.

World’s Best Islands are rated on Activities, Beaches, Culture/Sites, Lodging, Restaurants and Scenery.

Top 20 Islands Overall:

Top 10 Caribbean/Atlantic Islands:

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  • Bermuda 83.7
  • St. John 81.4
  • St. Barts 78.8
  • British Virgin Islands 77.2
  • Anguilla 76
  • Nevis 74.9
  • St. Lucia 73.1
  • Vieques 72.5
  • St. Maarten 71.2
  • Cayman Islands

Nomadic Matt’s Travel is a good one for the best tropical islands. Listphobia has a list of preferred spots as well. MSNBC picks the 5 best islands to live on and they start off with Isla Mujeres. I’ve been there but can’t imagine living there. It’s a tiny island off the Yucatán Peninsula blends the soul of Mexico with the beaches of the Caribbean. This is a hammock-swinging lifestyle, peppered with Mayan legends. Are you an “island hopper”? This blog is just for you. jeb

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