Best East Texas Cities: For Senior Travelers

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The Lone Star State, occupies almost 7.5% of the nation’s total land area–a region as large as all of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois combined. With its 16,986,510 inhabitants, Texas is the second most populous state in the country.  It derives its name from the Spanish and Indian words tejas and techas, meaning “friends” or “allies.” 

You will find lot of these fine folks in East Texas.  East Texas Guide  provides links for play, stay, eat, live, stop, meet, events, news and more.  The major region is called Piney Woods and offers some of the best fishing, down home cooking, championship golf and family activities in the Lone Star State. 

A good way for seniors to start exploring East Texas is with a regional map followed by a link of all the citiesAccording to the Handbook of Texas, the East Texas area “…may be separated from the rest of Texas roughly by a line extending from the Red River in north central Lamar County southwestward to east central Limestone County and then southeastward to Galveston Bay”, though some separate the Gulf Coast area into a separate region.  East Texas Just Right is another source to check out before your visit.  The Greater East Texas link  provides a listing of “things to see and do during your visit”. 

Palestine city vehicles have Dogwood blossoms painted on their car doors, because this city is known for the annual Dogwood Trails Festival.  Palestine is well known for this festival which occurs every spring.  Most communities in east Texas have their natural claims to fame.  Athens celebrates the Blackeyed Pea festival, Grapeland, a smaller town, touts their watermelon; Tyler is known for its Rose festival;Longview, Gladewater, Kilgore, Jacksonville, all have their own particular and peculiar identities.  There is no lack of special events when traveling the East Texas roads.

Jefferson reminds us that Texas too, had “Riverboat Days”.  Tyler is about as civilized as it gets and is America’s Rose Capital.  Gladewater is the town saved by antiques, and Marshall, ‘Wonderland of Lights’, was once the Capital of Missouri and is called a “Texas Treasure.” Take your time in Longview where you will find Real East Texas Living!

East Texas is known for an area called Piney Woods Region contains thousands of acres of pine and pine-hardwood forests. Nacogdoches is often referred to as the “cradle of Texas liberty” and ‘The Oldest Town in Texas’  and is located about 150 miles north of Houston via U.S. Hwy. 59. 

If you would like the opinions of others, City Data is a site that focuses on several towns that are worth visiting.  Many Internet users appreciate Wikipedia’s information.  I have a large collection of state tourism guides.  The Texas Guide is one of the finest.  It is free and available.  Have a great time in Texas and be sure to turn your wheel towards East Texas partnerjeb

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