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Tips For Smart Travel

Traveling is hard enough with all the logistics, headaches and lately, rising fees, but you can be a smart senior traveler on planes, trains and automobiles – even hotels – with some of these insider travel tips.

#1 Check Flight’s Occupancy
The trick to knowing if it’s time to buy now or wait for a fare sale is to check the flight’s occupancy. If there are only a few seats left, book fast. Prices will likely rise from here on out.

#2 Opt For Flat-Fee Upgrades
Flat-fee upgrades are becoming more common and the cheapest way to fly upper cabin, despite the fact that airlines do not advertise these deals. Its not quite first class but often means more legroom for long legged seniors, more earned miles and early boarding. Prices depend on the number of seats free and range from $50 to $250 for domestic flights and up to $500 for overseas crossings.

#3 Get Bumped on Fridays Everyone knows that volunteering your seat on an overbooked flight is an easy, if inconvenient, way to earn free air travel. But did you know that Fridays are often the best day of the week to give up your seat? According to insiders, with business travelers desperate to get home and leisure travelers departing on weekend trips, few are willing to give up their seat on a Friday night.

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“The more desperate the airline is, the better deal you’re going to get,” says J.D. Rinne of “This is particularly true on peak travel days like Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve. So if you’re planning on traveling on these days, you should book a morning flight but plan to volunteer to get bumped to an afternoon one. This is also true of resort and honeymoon destinations.” #4 Enlist Rewards Specialists If you want to be especially smart with your frequent flier miles, it sometimes helps to enlist an expert. Experienced rewards specialists can help you use your own loyalty programs to help you make the most of your trip.

#5 Hire a Travel Agent
But even if you don’t have miles to work with, good old travel agents can still save senior travelers time and money and their services are free. I recently worked with an agent and saved about 30% on flights alone. I could not agree more here as I have a Travel Agent certificate and know just how much they can help with all your travel plans.  This info that I pass along to senior travelers comes from jeb

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