Travel Choices for Senior Citizens

Jan 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

It seems like GOOGLE and YAHOO are taking turns trying to outdo each other all the time.  Now Yahoo has a travel guide that can plan your trip and find great deals.  Presently according to their website the Top World Cities are:

1 Boston

2 Chicago

3 Honolulu

4 Las Vegas

5 London

Hot this week are:

1 Flagstaff

2 Bryce Canyon

3 Tucson

4 Hollywood

5 Charleston 

Listed as well are hotels at the top destinations in the world.  I chose Cancun and up this came: “Hand-picked by computer, Cancun is, if nothing else, proof of Mexico’s remarkable ability to get things done in a hurry if the political will is there.  A fishing village of 120 people as recently as 1970, it’s now a city with a resident population of a half a million and receives almost two million visitors a year.”  217 hotels are listed in Cancun, 1170 in London and  313 in Sidney.  While searching on this site I linked to Perfect Escapes, your resource for luxury travel.  They have a collection of  highest-rated offers, all in one place. Book your stay on Perfect Escapes, and you’ll experience special savings and added values at little or no additional cost over the standard rate. 

Specialty Travel Index has thousands of unusual travel opportunities worldwide are covered in each issue of SPECIALTY TRAVEL INDEX, the directory of special interest and adventure travel. Order Now, Online! I brought up Travel Stories on their website and the ones to appear were:

Their Travel Links are worth a visit as well.  At Find Your Adventure I chose France and All Interest / Activities category and here is a partial list of the possibilities:


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